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Digital art gif. A drawing of a moon kissing a sleeping star. Text, “goodnight kisses.”Cartoon gif. A black cat sits facing away from us on the concave side of a crescent moon. A thought balloon above its head shows the face of a white cat with a pink ribbon and a shooting star. Glowing Text, "Good night."Video gif. A live action baby chick sits in front of an illustrated dark blue background with stars and a crescent moon. Instances of the letter "Z" above its head tell us it's sleeping. Text, "Goodnight my love."Good Night Smile GIF by CrestGood Night Sleep GIF by Strawberry ShortcakeKawaii gif. A Small bear with a big head lays under the covers in bed. He’s dressed in pajamas and pulls an eye mask over his eyes. He leans back and lays down. The lights flicker off. Text, “Time to sleep.”See Ya Laughing GIF by LaffCartoon gif. A one-horned sleeping blue dinosaur snores with their mouth open while a string of Zs emanate from his mouth. Text, "Good Night."Illustrated gif. Pink cartoon man wears pajamas with a nightcap over his eyes and bunny slippers on his feet. He yawns and waves beneath a crescent moon. Text, "Goodnight."Halloween Stars GIF by Ivo AdventuresTired Good Night GIF by Tyler RestyCartoon gif. Tom from Tom and Jerry lies in an elaborate bed, yawning wide and stretching his paws above his head. He settles onto the white pillow and nestles under the pink blanket. Video gif. A puppy lays on a small blanket on a tile floor. Holding one corner of the blanket in its mouth, it rolls over, wrapping itself up. Text, "Goodnight."Digital art gif. An orange sun in a blue sky is quickly wiped away by a dark night sky. Text, "good night."Despicable Me gif. A young Gru and two Minions lay asleep in bed. A cheery third Minion in a red bathrobe leaps into bed, waking them up as he makes himself comfortable. Gru is annoyed, but the Minion with the teddy bear doesn't seem bothered in the least.Video gif. Overhead view of a tiny orange and white kitten getting tucked in under a striped towel and pillow, raising its little pink paws in the air as someone scratches its forehead with a long blue fingernail. Text, "Goodnight!'Time For Bed Love GIF by Red & HowlingKawaii gif. Brown from Line Friends franchise kisses Cony on the cheek, leaving a lipstick mark on Cony's happy face and then snuggles under the covers of their bed. Text reads, "Good night."Cartoon gif. A floating yellow Dino Sally pterodactyl-like character yawns and drops down onto a pillow and blanket and goes to sleep. Yellow bubble text appears against a blue background: "Good night." Cartoon gif. A cartoon chameleon reaches up to turn off the light from bed. As the light goes out, the word "goodnight" and a string of zs appear in the dark.Tuck In At Home GIF by MOODMANText gif. Against a background with shooting stars and the moon reads the message, “Good night.”Everybody Loves Raymond GIFTired Good Night GIF by Holler StudiosSNL gif. Comedian Kate McKinnon closes a door behind herself while saying "Good night!"
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