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Jennifer Coolidge GIF by SAG AwardsReality TV gif. A contestant on Hell's Kitchen tears up as she crosses her palms on her chest, then lifts interlocked fingers to her face in a gesture of thanks.Cartoon gif. A white cartoon puppy with black ears in a pink dress lays on her belly and stares wistfully at a small potted plant. Heart and star motifs dance around the words "grateful for you."Celebrity gif. Drew Barrymore turns to the side and presses her palms together as she earnestly says, "Thank you."Video gif. A woman emphatically gestures toward us while saying, "Thank you so much!"Text gif. The text, "Thank you," is written in cursive on a white background.Music video gif. The Kid Laroi in the Selfish Music video lounges on a bed as he sings, “I’m grateful for what you did for me.”Digital art gif. A rainbow appears over a white dachshund raising its arms in the air. On the rainbow in capital letters is the message, “Thanks!”Kawaii gif. A cheerful ghost with antennae bounces up and down. Each time they rise, they toss pink hearts into the air which then disappear in a puff.Kawaii gif. A pink oval shape with a warm smiling face holds out a red heart as yellow text appears. Text, "Thank you."TV gif. On a street at night, Henry Winkler, as Gene Cousineau from Barry, speaks to us in all seriousness. Text: "You are an angel."Text gif. Cursive block lettering flashes in many colors and gradients, with stars on either side, "Thank you!"Reality TV gif. Drag Queen Gingzilla on the show Queen of the Universe with long lashes and a long beard wears a crown made up of blue butterflies, a blue cape, and a sparkly dress. They place their well manicured hand over their chest in appreciation and smile, nodding and batting away tears from their eyes.TV gif. Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in Outlander nods with a half-smile. Text, "I'm grateful to you."Kawaii gif. Pug with enormous eyes gives us a teary look of gratitude as tears stream down its face. Text, "Thank you!"TV gif. Ice T as Detective Tutuola on Law and Order nods and says with sincerity, “We appreciate that.”Dog Thank You GIF by Stefanie ShankSpanish Thanks GIF by All BetterSpanish Thanks GIF by All BetterIllustrated gif. A puppy reaches up toward a larger dog as they look toward each other and hearts pulse around them. Text, "Thank you!" TV gif. A contestant on Queen of the Universe puts her hands together and takes a bow.TV gif. Ayesha Raza as Renu in Made In Heaven. She approaches someone during a wedding and says empathetically, "I can't thank you enough," while shaking her head with emotion.TV gif. Mariska Hargitay as Olivia in Law and Order SVU nods in gratitude. Text, "Thank you."Glitch Thank You GIF by Sarah ZuckerText gif. Against a light pink background, bright pink lower-case text "Grateful" flashes across the screen three times in a cascading downward motion.
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