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Never Take Them For Granted
Happy Thanksgiving!
Grateful for you
Appreciate the small things

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jemappellecarole lettering gratidao GIFninalabdesign amor frase gratidao ninalab GIFGratidao Artesanato GIFGratidao Rafael Portugal GIF by Porta Dos FundosYou Are The Best GIFGratidao Grata GIF by Amanda BatistaText gif. Pulsing yellow, orange, blue, and pink text reads, "I'm so grateful for you! The chalky typeface expands and contracts in a steady rhythm against a black background. Illustrated gif. A gray and white dog wears a pink collar around its chubby neck and a white nurse's hat with a pink paw print insignia. Its wide-eyes beam as it wags its skinny tail. Text, "Grateful for... all the selfless humans on the frontlines helping keep everyone safe. Thank you, XO."End Of Year Love GIFIllustrated gif. Sparkles burst around dancing pink and white text that reads, "Feeling grateful."Text gif. The text, "Thank you," is written in cursive on a white background.Betty Boop Thank You GIF by Fleischer StudiosNft Gratitude GIF by Digital PratikDigital art gif. A 3D rendering of the prayer hands emoji, tilting forward in thanks against a blue and purple gradient background. Text, "Grateful for You."Video gif. A cat sits on its haunches and holds its paws up in a gesture of gratitude. Text, “Thank You.”Text gif. Neon letters spell out "Thank You" against a black background while neon rainbow trails of light rash behind it mimicking warp speed in space.Gratitude Vmas 2019 GIF by 2020 MTV Video Music AwardsText gif. A trippy rainbow effect bleeds across the words "Thank you".Thanksgiving Appreciate GIF by Positive ProgrammingText gif. The text, "Thank you," is written in red letters on a white background and it multiplies, making the quintessential plastic bag thank you design.Text gif. Handwritten, shaky lowercase black cursive text reads "thank you."Cartoon gif. A white cartoon puppy with black ears in a pink dress lays on her belly and stares wistfully at a small potted plant. Heart and star motifs dance around the words "grateful for you."Late Night gif. TV host Seth Meyers grins as he pulls a bullhorn from under his desk then says into it, "Thank you."Way To Go Thank You GIF by Hyper RPGText gif. Cursive block lettering flashes in many colors and gradients, with stars on either side, "Thank you!"
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