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Grumpy Monday
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It Was Death

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Happy GIF by DisneyVideo gif. Grumpy Cat, none too thrilled about being held.TV gif. A little girl angrily shakes a purple hairbrush at us, while a white poodle next to her doesn't seem to have strong feelings about the issue.Puppy Bad Mood GIF by Simian RefluxLate Night gif. A grumpy Seth Meyers folds his arms and frowns at us, making a double chin.Movie gif. An older Clint Eastwood looks right of frame with disapproval. He lowers a white mug as he slowly turns away to the left.grumpy cat GIF by Channel Frederatordisney no GIFSNL gif. Kristen Wiig as a Weekend Update guest taps the desk, rolls her eyes, and sits back with an irritated expression on her face.Mad Breaking Bad GIF by MOODMANSesame Street Oscar GIFgrumpy GIFgrumpy cat GIFkeeping up with the kardashians eye roll GIFowl kiss GIFgrumpy cat GIFtired sherlock GIFgrumpy lana parrilla GIFreal housewives of new york whatever GIFthe hills whatever GIFgrumpy cat GIFfrustrated selena gomez GIFemma stone eye roll GIFawkward mandy moore GIFPolitics gif. Barack Obama with his head turned to the side, looking blank but serious and blinking his eyes.
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