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Happy Birthday Old Man!
Bone Dance
Silly Skeleton Dance!

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Happy Good Vibes GIF by Super SimpleDigital art gif. An anatomical skeleton dances against a white background, first casually and then twerking.Working Out Of Office GIF by This GIF Is HauntedMovie gif. The blonde pig-tailed Annabelle doll from Annabelle slowly turns its scarred and bloody face. Happy Ghost GIF by Susanne LambCartoon gif. A grim reaper holding a scythe taps his foot and looks at his watch impatiently.  Sweetest Day Halloween GIF by True and the Rainbow KingdomIllustration gif. Small ghost with a smiley face, gets closer to us and waves his arms around as he yells out happily, “Boo!”Video gif. A friendly dog wearing a Chucky costume runs to us, the flailing knife pointing directly at us.Movie gif. Kathy Najimy as Mary in Hocus Pocus takes off on a vacuum, raising a fist to the sky as she floats up in the air.Happy Halloween GIF by Ivo AdventuresHalloween Fall GIF by Kahoot!Stop motion gif. Two pink pumpkins are laid on their side so they look like a pair of breasts and they shake back and forth for breast cancer awareness.Tired Black Cat GIF by Cat ChmajHalloween Reaction GIFVideo gif. Large spider crawls around a spiderweb with a full moon shining through the web.Halloween Lapin GIF by Simon Super RabbitHalloween gif. Bette Midler as Winifred in Hocus Pocus shimmies and lowers her hands dramatically while singing “I put a spell on you.”Trick Or Treat Halloween GIF by LaffVideo gif. A woman opens her door to a tiny pomeranian in a UPS driver costume. The little driver happily marches inside with a doggy smile. Movie gif. Bette Midler as Winifred in Hocus Pocus rides a broom as she reaches forward menacingly. Text, "Prepare to meet thy doom!"Disney gif. From The Skeleton Dance, a timid skeleton creeps carefully through a graveyard, before getting scared and running quickly. He then turns around and begins to tip-toe back, getting scared and running away again.Halloween Candy GIF by StoryfulHalloween Im Dead GIF by AustinFun Love GIF by Sesame Street
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