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Celebrity gif. James McAvoy leans back in an office chair, face glistening with sweat. He breathes in and out heavily, fanning himself with papers. The Year Without A Santa Claus Fire GIF by filmeditorIllustrated gif. Sun-like spherical character slumps and sweats in the center of a hazy radial background, swiping his forehead and exhaling uncomfortably.Digital art gif. A vintage green oscillating fan rotates on a white surface.  TV gif. Trevor Noah as host of The Daily Show closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as he shakes his head and fans himself with 1 hand.Cartoon gif. A duckling clings to the outer cage of a rotating fan.Miami Heat Sport GIF by Sealed With A GIFHeat Melting GIF by SUPER LTDDigital art gif. A thermostat has sunglasses on and a bead of sweat runs down its face. Text, "Hot AF."Text gif. Against a background of flames falls the circulating text, “Fuego.”Sweating Heat Wave GIF by GIF-THISCelebrate Nba Playoffs GIF by ESPNMusic video gif. Satan in Rob Zombie’s The Life and Times of A Teenage Rock God looks at us pretending to fan himself from the hot flames of hell, as if mocking us.Digital art gif. A smiling sun is shining bright in the middle of text that surrounds it and it reads, "Here comes the sun."Summer Melting GIF by ZeTrystanTV gif. Jenn Robertson as Jocelyn Schitt in Schitts Creek fans herself and smiles through her discomfort. Text, "I need to lie down."Kawaii gif. Cat is laying under an AC system and it gets hot so it turns on the AC. But now it gets cold from the AC so it turns it off. Over and over again. It can't win.Digital art gif. Wearing a black jacket with a pattern that says "ITZY" and a blue tube top with butterflies on it, a woman with blonde and pink hair wipes her forehead with her sleeve and fans her face with her hand. We see wavy heat lines in the background, and wavy text at the top reads "So hot."Sports gif. In a tux with animated flames coming out of his head, Sports commentator Stu Feiner shakes his head and holds up his hands in disbelief and says, “I'm hot.”Cartoon gif. Shaun the Sheep lazily leans on a stone wall in the grass. He holds a mini electric fan in one hand and a glass of iced tea in the other. He “oohs and Ahhs’ as the fan blows in his face. Nba Playoffs Reaction GIF by NBASweating Blown Away GIF by Make it MoveCalling Call Me GIF by Miami HEATFriday Night Smackdown Reaction GIF by WWEIllustrated gif. Red bottle of hot sauce tilted on its side, dripping sauce onto a smiling yellow flame.
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