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Video game gif. Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros. stands on a blue platform with her arms out and palms up. Flames and waterfalls of lava flank her on both sides in the background. Text, "Welcome to hell."South Park gif. The Hell Director is holding a clipboard and speaking in front of a microphone while lava and flames rage behind him. He says, "I'm the Hell Director."Halloween Hello GIF by GIPHY Studios 2022Video gif. In the background orange flames rise in the dark as a worried Elmo lifts his hands toward the sky. The text below reads, “I am in hell.”Movie gif. A red neon sign that says, “Gates of Hell Employees Only,” hangs in front of an obscured person. Fog rolls in and the red neon light floods the area in this scene from Wacko. The Simpsons gif. A Native Hawaiian says to another, “How many times must we go to church to avoid hell?”TV gif. Joshua Leonard as James Finnigan in Bates Motel sits next to another character by a lake and tells them sternly, “Basically, I’m telling you that you can go to hell,” which appears as text.Movie gif. From the Foo Fighters movie Studio 666: An angry red-faced evil demon takes a deep breath and screams. Text, “Demonic Roaring.”Video gif. A woman grits her teeth and looks around as she repeats the word, “Hell” in weird, over exaggerated ways. The video overlaps with other semi transparent shots of her saying hell in angrily, but funny ways. One shot shows her looking around and saying hell like she’s huffing out a big breath, another she yells it while giving a sinister look to the camera, and another she is just wiggling her arms and legs around in a tight motion. Angry Bobs Burgers GIFReality TV gif. A talking head of Zachary Adams from Next Level Chef unaffectedly declaring "Oh, it's hell down here."Video gif. A red devil character with ram horns does the booty slap with a pelvic thrust and one arm slapping back and forth.Video gig. An old man sits in a stair lift that goes down his stairs. At the end of the steps is a pool of lava. The man looks down in fear as he reaches closer and closer to the hot flames.Digital art gif. Red Elmo yells with arms raised and wide eyes as animated roaring flames burn behind him.Illustrated gif. Satan with yellow horns and eyes reclines and says, "Well, I'll tell you what," as people are shackled in front of glowing flames in the background.Episode 5 Burn In Hell GIF by The SimpsonsTV gif. John Karna as Marc Andreeson in Valley of the Boom nods and gives a sarcastic smile as he says, "See? Hell," which appears as text.South Park gif. Scene of hell with spikes lining a dark pathway and the entrance door being the mouth of a demon cave.Reality TV gif. A female chef on Hell’s Kitchen sits and smiles at us. A poorly done lighting effect strikes her and she poofs off screen, leaving behind a single flame in her place.Celebrity gif. John C. Reilly as Dr. Steve Brule, superimposed onto a room of flames, makes a show of pressed panic, eyes wide, mouth agape.Angry Office Space GIFVideo gif. Jill Marie Jones raises a hand in protestation. Text, "Oh Hell no"Summon Clive Barker GIF by Arrow VideoVideo gif. A man wearing a shamrock vest, green pants, and green hat does a little jig while smoking a pipe. Text, "Oh hell yeah!"Digital art gif. A scene of a burning landscape, filled with a river of molten lava, bones, and volcanos, all leading to a huge mountain in the back with a skull face that cries lava.
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