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Video gif. A young blonde girl in a red sweater, holding a microphone, whips around to face us, flipping her hair and saying, "Hey."Movie gif. Tom Hanks as Forrest in Forrest Gump stands on a ship and smiles as he waves one hand with eager excitement. Text, "Hey!"Video gif. Text, “Hey Girl.” A slim man wearing only super short shorts, ankle socks, and roller blades skates down the street. His legs are spread hard apart and his back is arched back. He looks like he thinks he’s cool and sexy, but it’s definitely not coming off that way. Cookie Monster Hello GIF by Sesame StreetSeason 5 Hello GIF by Pee-wee HermanVideo gif. A groundhog repeatedly calls out to something, over and over and over and over... Text, "Hey!...Hey!...Hey!"Movie gif. Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump stands on a boat with a wide smile on his face. His eyes beam as he gazes ahead, raising a hand and waving energetically. TV gif. Wearing a red shirt and a jeweled "W" necklace, Wendy Williams greets us with an excited gesture: She holds up both palms, then fans them downward. Text, "How you doin'?"TV gif. Jimmy Fallon sits in a barn facing a horse. He holds up a clump of hay and says, “haaaaaay”, knowing his joke was bad as he said it. His cheeky smile evaporates and he tosses the straw over his shoulder. Celebrity gif. Audrey Nethery, a young girl with blonde hair, faces away from us holding a silver microphone. She whips her head around, dramatically pushing her long hair off her face and making a sensual expression.Cartoon gif. Stitch in Lilo and Stitch leans forward, reaching his hand out, and grinning with all his teeth showing as he says, “Hi.”Cartoon gif. A blue bird with a long neck waves his little feathered fingers and grins.Video gif. A giant bear is sitting behind a gate and they see us. They look directly at us as they raise a paw and wave hello, very cutely and rather derpy. Movie gif. Will Smith as Mike in Bad Boys wears aviator sunglasses and leans back to shout, "Aye!" The Simpsons gif. Ralph stands in front of turquoise lockers and gazes at us as he waves hello.Celebrity gif. Rodney Dangerfield, dressed in Lederhosen, props his leg onto the top of a mountain. He lifts his hand up to his face and calls out, “Yodel-hey!”Wave Hello GIF by Pudgy PenguinsVideo gif. Pieces of yarn hang above the heads of two kittens. The kitten up front bats around one of the pieces of yarn with its little paw. The other kitten in the back sniffs the ground with curious eyes. Text, “Hey, hey, hey.”Celebrity gif. Anna Kendrick smiles wide and waves as if she is excited to see someone.Video gif. A puppy looks at us with a tilted head and flopped out tongue. It lifts its paw up like it’s waving. Old Lady Hello GIF by Offline Granny!Celebrity gif. Chris Farley tilts his head towards up, smirks, and waves at us.Animation Hello GIF by Holler StudiosText gif. Simple cursive words flashing pink and blue read, "hey you."Movie gif. A newly hatched baby Private from Penguins of Madagascar, still wearing the top of his eggshell on his head, gives us a friendly wave.
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