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Merry Christmas GIF by Simon Super RabbitHappy New Year GIF by macnitenVideo gif. We see a Christmas present on the floor, gift-wrapped with pictures of festive monkeys and decorated with thin black ribbons. The top of the box slowly slides off, revealing three curious orange kittens inside. Happy Holidays GIFFriends Love GIF by Cartoon HangoverAd gif. Man wears a Santa hat and sunglasses. He sips a small cup of Kool-Aid and then says, “ahh” from how refreshing it is.Happy Lets Go GIF by BounceOh No Oops GIF by Winter WonderlandChristmas Tree GIF by filmeditorMusic video gif. Lil Jon in his music video for All I Really Want For Christmas. He has shades and a Santa hat on he holds out a long wish list filled with items, sticking his tongue out in the background.Celebrity gif. Mariah Carey is hosting a show for Christmas and she looks down and does a deep sigh. Text, "Sighs in Christmas."Charlie Brown Fox Adhd GIF by Animation Domination High-DefChristmas Love GIF by Super SimpleStop motion gif. Pastel confetti rains down on gold mylar balloons that spell out, "Happy New Year."Happy Halloween GIF by Ivo AdventuresVideo gif. Woman wearing a turquoise-colored wig in an elegant updo, tan fur coat, and teal gloves delicately holds up a Hanukkah menorah, striking a seductive pose. Text, "Happy Hanukkah."Easter Sunday GIF by CBCMerry Christmas Fun GIF by Ecard MintMovie gif. Mekhi Phifer as Gerald in This Christmas, dressed up as Santa Claus, gives a hearty "ho, ho, ho!" and then smiles and raises his hand to say helloBlinking Merry Christmas And Happy New Year GIF by RhondaCartoon gif. Skeletor from He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special. Skeletor is wearing a Santa hat and has both fists up in the air as he pumps them in unison.Happy Merry Christmas GIF by Jaleesa Jaikaran Beautyholidays paper responsability responsabilities GIFMerry Christmas GIF by Cat & NatMerry Christmas Goodbye GIF by Pretty Dudes
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