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Homer bushes
Homer x Peter | Season 2 Ep. 14 | THE GREAT NORTH
And It's Gone

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Hide Hiding GIFbacking up homer simpson GIFHomer Simpson Fitness GIF by bodybyralphouch GIFAwkward Glasses GIF by nounish ⌐◨-◨fade away homer simpson GIFBacking Up Homer Simpson GIFLeave Leaving GIF by Adult SwimHomer Backing Up GIFRona Backing Up GIF by PEEKASSOEmbarrassed Exit Strategy GIFHomer Simpson No GIF by ProBit GlobalBacking Up Full Body GIF by JustinHomer Simpson Basketball GIF by Bristol FlyersRiot Games Sticker GIF by League of LegendsLeaving Homer Bush GIF by BoDoggosIm Out GIFscared homer simpson GIFRetreating Homer Simpson GIF by JustinMeme gif. A variation on the "Homer Simpson Backs into Bushes" meme. Homer slowly moves backwards and disappears into a shrub...except Homer's head has been replaced by that of a live-action by Tom DeLonge with a moustache and mullet who seems to be saying "wtf".Awkward Homer Simpson GIF by King Of Destinymatt groening GIFHomer Simpson Wtf GIF by Robert E BlackmonAwkward Homer Simpson GIF by ChonkyComScared Back Up GIF by Justin
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