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Jim Carrey Chance GIFVideo gif. Actress Bellamy Young, in red carpet attire, crosses her fingers on both hands and looks to the sky, hoping for a good outcome.Celebrity gif. A hopeful Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy crosses both fingers in anticipation.Pray Episode 5 GIF by America's Got TalentVideo gif. A little boy with big glasses on his face holds his hands up and crosses his fingers. He smiles and hands his crossed fingers around. Typography Hope GIF by XYZ TypeReality TV gif. On the set of AGT, Howie Mandel gives us a tense look as he crosses his fingers on both hands.Season 8 Hope GIF by THE NEXT STEPCartoon gif. Yellow bear looks up toward the night sky as fireflies dance around the softly rocking trees in the wind in an infinite loop.Found Footage Video GIF by Eternal FamilyFingers Crossed Optimism GIF by MotherboardIllustrated gif. Two floating hands cross their fingers tightly as sparkles shimmer around the hands. Text, “Fingers crossed.”Season 8 Hope GIF by THE NEXT STEPVideo gif. Jackie James smiles with clenched teeth as she waves crossed fingers in the air. Text, "Good luck!"Robert Whittaker Sport GIF by UFCMovie gif. Macaulay Culkin as Kevin in Home Alone looks surprised, then turns toward us and smiles with his eyebrows raised.TV gif. Wearing a beige hat and lit by candlelight, Susan Parsons as Bella Heathcote from Strange Angel lowers her head, closes her eyes, and blesses herself with the sign of the cross.I Hope So GIF by Talk StoopTV gif. A scene from To Tell the Truth. Wearing a dark plaid blazer, Thomas Lennon hopes for a good outcome as he closes his eyes and crosses his fingers.Celebrity gif. Carol Burnett at the Golden Globes appears on stage, staring at us intently and crossing her fingers in hopeful anticipation.I Hope So GIF by Desus & MeroThe Simpsons gif. Homer is kneeling and praying in front of his couch and says, "Help me find the remote."Praying High Hopes GIF by America's Got TalentFingers Crossed GIF by Love Island AustraliaSounds Good Bounty Hunter GIF by DefyTV
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