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How Dare You
How Do You Do This
How Are We All Doing Today?

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Celebrity gif. Olivia Rodrigo raises her hands and shrugs her shoulders as if unsure. Movie gif. Willem Dafoe as Norman in Spiderman crawls in front of a roaring fireplace and screams out "Tell me how!"Video gif. A man counting on his fingers as geometric figures, formulas, and equations pop up around his face.TV gif. Sean Giambrone as Adam on the Goldbergs talks to someone whose back is facing us. Adam looks really offended, furrowing his eyebrows, and yelling, “really? How?” Angry Man GIF by Sealed With A GIFTV gif. The camera zooms in on Actor David Mann on the Manns as he looks down to read something. His head pops up with surprise and a little bit of concern, and he says, “How?” Movie gif. Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn in Spiderman, with hunched shoulders, and pleading eyes, mouths the words that appear, "Tell Me How!"TV gif. Anthony Ramos as Mars on She's Gotta Have It looks at us quizzically, as pink question marks pop up around him.Fresh Prince Lisa GIF by PeacockTV gif. In a clip from World of Dance, Jennifer Lopez leans forward to speak into her microphone, and seems to be saying "wow!"Celebrity gif. Victoria Justice raises an upturned hand and furrows her brows as if confused. Reality TV gif. We zoom in on a woman in sunglasses with her mouth open in shock and her arms out in a shrug as if to say, "What?"TV gif. Looking annoyed and shocked, Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson on Sherlock says, “How—? Never mind…”TV gif. Tituss Burgess as host of the Late Late Show holds his hands up in surrender and leans back in a guest chair as he shakes his head with a look of shock on his face.Video gif. Vintage footage. A black screen says "how did we get here?" and the next shot shows an open book. Text above the book reads "It's time for our quiz!"Sports gif. A young woman in the audience clutches her head and shouts in disbelief.TV gif. Abbi Jacobson as Abbi on Broad City leans on a sticker filled wall. She nods her head up coolly, saying “How you doin’,” in an awful attempt at flirting.TV gif. Mia Talerico as Charlie on Good Luck Charlie shrugs and and draws her chin back with a surprised expression as she looks around.Video gif. A bearded man wearing a blazer and headset has just seen something shocking. He glances at us as he gives an exasperated shout offscreen. Text, "How."TV gif. Actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Appa in Kim's Convenience exclaims in confused shock. Text, "What?!"TV gif. Wearing a black suit with a red striped tie, Yoo Jae-suk of Infinite Challenge turns his head to the side. With a playful grin, he asks us: Text, "How?" A yellow question mark with a dot appears next to him.Sports gif. Connor Lade on the New York Red Bulls walks on the field and pauses. He turns around to face us and reveals the shock and dismay on his face. He holds his arms out in confusion and he walks off still dumbfounded by what happened. Kawaii gif. A stuttering animation of a girl with bunny ears and rosey cheeks gives us an evil glare, then smiles.Friends gif. Matt LeBlanc as Joey nods and smiles as he checks out a woman and says, "How you doin?" which appears as text.Celebrity gif. Actress Winona Ryder stands on stage with other presenters at an awards show. Her eyes dart around as she struggles in confusion. Math equations dance over her head as she puzzles out her thoughts.
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