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Michael Is Flabbergasted
I Don't Know Anything
I'm Scared
Let Me Think

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Damon Wayans GIF by HULUFriends gif. Matt LeBlanc as Joey sits on the couch with a box of pizza flung open between his legs. He holds a slice of pepperoni pizza and pauses in the middle of his bite to think hard about something. No thought can be found and he says with chewing, “I don’t know”TV gif. Mia Talerico as Charlie from Good Luck Charlie shrugs with a bewildered look on her face. Her blonde pigtails swing from side to side as she turns her head.Chris Farley Idk GIFCelebrity gif. Various male actors from different TV shows and movies are all cut together with scenes that they're shrugging in, all having no idea what's going on.Movie gif. Colin Farrell as Ray in In Bruges shrugs with his shoulders up to his ears, his eyes wide, and an exaggerated frown on his face.Seth Meyers Reaction GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersConfused Curb Your Enthusiasm GIFCelebrity gif. Actress Kristen Bell aggressively shrugs her shoulders with a feigned expression of ignorance. Movie gif. Rachel McAdams as Regina George in Mean Girls holds a tissue to her nose, appearing tearful, and then flips her hands and shakes her head as if to say, "I don't know."Nbc Idk GIF by America's Got TalentDonald Trump Idk GIFBearface Idk GIF by BROCKHAMPTONSeason 2 Idk GIF by Amazon Prime VideoWilliam Barr Idk GIF by GIPHY Newsidk GIF by Rate My ProfessorsIdk Shrug GIF by Hey DuggeeCelebrity gif. Seth Rogan is wearing a suit and is being interviewed on Conan. He puts his arms out and shrugs while giving an open mouthed grin.TV gif. Hugh Laurie as Dr. House in House stares with big eyes as he throws out his hands in a shrug.Confused Bill Oreilly GIFimfreshdoe idk GIF by Fre$hJames Franco Idk GIFLet It Go Idk GIFCartoon gif. Wearing a bandit mask and a blue blazer with a cap that adorns a question mark, The Riddler shrugs and appears confused.Tonight Show gif. Sarah Silverman shrugs her shoulders and raises her arms at odd angles, making a silly facial expression. Text reads, "I don't know?"
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