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Donald Trump Mind Blown GIF by Justin GammonNew Hampshire Debate GIF by GIPHY NewsBurger Detroit GIF by BET PlusFamily Cbc GIF by Run The Burbstoilet paper money GIF by Petter PentiläFederal Reserve Inflation GIF by eToroWisconsin Inflation GIF by GIPHY NewsComedy Cbc GIF by Run The BurbsDigital art gif. Illustration of cartoon versions of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg, all standing together as Bezos uses a pump to inflate a giant green balloon. The balloon is labeled with a giant dollar sign and text that reads, "Inflation is price gouging and corporate greed," everything against a yellow background.Inflation Datavisualisation GIF by euronewsPlus500 money trading finance economy GIFInflation Interest Rates GIF by GIPHY NewsDemocratic Primary California GIFVideo gif. President Obama puts a Medal of Freedom labeled “Big F’n Deal” around Vice President Biden’s neck. Caption, “Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act into law, setting 15% minimum corporate tax rate.”Joe Biden GIF by PBS NewsHourBad News Rent GIF by EJ MarcusFederal Reserve Inflation GIF by GIPHY NewsFederal Reserve Inflation GIF by Public.comCost Of Living Coupon GIF by CBSPolitical gif. Joe Biden with classic orange Fiskars scissors collaged into his hand, cuts the word "costs" each time it floats down into frame. Text, "Cutting healthcare premium costs saving 13 million families $800 a year."Federal Reserve Inflation GIF by GIPHY NewsDigital art gif. Dancing white rolled-up legislative bill wearing sunglasses dances against a light blue background. The bill wears a sash with a red, white, and blue button that says, “Inflation Reduction Act.”Tax The Rich Stock Market GIFblueberry inflation GIFPolitical gif. Little old lady with opaque glasses labeled "seniors" stands, unaware, when a man in a suit labeled "Republicans" jumps into view, taking a flying kick into her, launching her off a high cliff, headlong into the ravine below.
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