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You're Raising My Blood Pressure
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Awkward Chris GIF by ABC NetworkMad Breaking Bad GIF by MOODMANAnnoyed GIF by IONSeason 3 Ugh GIF by Law & OrderAngry Real Housewives GIF by ShowmaxTired Korean Drama GIF by The SwoonMy Head Mma GIF by UFCDear God Reaction GIF by CBSAngry Knock It Off GIF by ABC NetworkEpisode 5 Waiting GIF by America's Got TalentVideo gif. A woman looks down with her mouth open like he’s stunned. She closes her eyes as disappointment sets in. TV gif. Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Loki. He's in jail and has a collar around his neck to prevent him from using his powers. He's sitting in a chair and frustratedly drops his head into his hands.Angry Bunny GIF by ZIP ZIPTV gif. An annoyed Wendy Williams looks left of frame as she shakes her head. She gives us a quick knowing look as if to say "can you believe what I have to put up with?", then takes a peaceful sip from a pink mug with her name on it.Surprised Adam Scott GIF by Party DownEmma Wortelboer Omg GIF by BNNVARAGo Away Do Not Want GIFMiz Cracker GIF by BuzzFeedNeil Degrasse Tyson Smh GIFTonight Show gif. Sofia Vergara looks at us incredulously and says, "Why are you here?!"Angry Fight GIF by ZIP ZIPSeason 8 Sigh GIF by One ChicagoAngry Uh Oh GIF by The AnimasksAngry GIF by Gangway AdvertisingSeason 8 Whatever GIF by One Chicago
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