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New Year, New Georgia! Cheers!

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Marketing Organize GIF by GiflyticsAnalyzing Toy Story GIF by GiflyticsSpring Break GIF by All BetterHappy Mental Health GIF by INTO ACTIONAging Happy Birthday GIF by All BetterI Love Reading Banned Books GIF by INTO ACTIONText gif. Smoke from a glowing doobie fills the air and creates the message "Go green and earn green, with the inflation reduction act" against a green background.Mental Health Therapy GIF by All BetterLil Jon Shots GIF by INTO ACTIONMeme Marketing GIF by GiflyticsOrganize Make A Difference GIF by INTO ACTIONMental Health Pop GIF by All BetterDigital art gif. Cartoon of a single-use plastic bag, text inside of which reads "Say no to plastic bags," everything against a light green background.Working Out Of Office GIF by All BetterIllustration gif. Brass faucet running water in a big splash, friendly marker font within. Text, "We need safe and affordable water."Working Out Of Office GIF by All BetterGlowing Happy Birthday GIF by All BetterSick Spanish GIF by All BetterNew Year Dragon GIF by INTO ACTIONDigital art gif. In the form of a sticker slapping onto a pale yellow background, an illustration of a forest in front of yellow and orange mountains with the text, "Save trees, save ourselves" on it.Text gif. Dictionary-style entry over a black background reads, “Financial inequity, noun. The unequal distribution of income and opportunity between different groups in society.”
Video gif. Letter appear one by one and in the last letter, O, a woman pop out and waves at us with both hands and smiles wildly. Text, “Hello.”Im Sick Out Of Office GIF by All BetterNew Year Dragon GIF by All BetterIllustrated gif. Three-generation East Asian family surrounded by paper lanterns looking out the window at red and gold fireworks, on a navy background with graphic gold trimming. Text, "Happy new year, year of the rabbit."
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