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Illustrated gif. Little white stars form the shape of a Christmas tree. A red ribbon wraps around it and is tied in a large bow to the base of the tree. A large white glowing star sits on top of the tree. Snowflakes of different shapes decorate the background and smaller snowflakes fall down like it’s snowing. In elegant cursive font, the text reads at the bottom, “Merry Christmas.”linde merckpoel verkleedruimte GIF by Studio BrusselChristmas Tree GIF by sylterinselliebeChristmas Tree GIF by VideoBird AmsterdamChristmas Tree GIFChristmas Tree GIFIllustrated gif. 3-D shiny, blobby Christmas tree bends its knees and bobs up and down, its big eyes rolling up and down with movement.Peanuts gif. Linus steadies the pine tree branch while wrapping his blue blanket around its base and saying, "I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It's not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love," which appears as text.Christmas Tree GIF by Warner ArchiveChristmas Tree Illustration GIF by AmalteiaChristmas Tree GIFChristmas Tree Lol GIFFail Christmas Tree GIFChristmas Tree Singing GIFGIF by NBCVideo gif. A large Christmas tree is lit up outside, next to a house. Snow falls down around it and the snow glistens from the lights off of the tree. Fail Christmas Tree GIFChristmas Tree Cat GIFVideo gif. Woman in a Christmas sweater holding a tub of decorations approaches a bare Christmas tree, seemingly annoyed at the prospect of decorating it. She throws the contents of the tub directly at the tree, and they land on it, perfectly arranged. The woman nods in satisfaction as the tree lights up.Christmas Tree GIF by filmeditorGIF by NBCPhoto gif. Series of Christmas trees in various festive scenes appear in an infinite loop—first, a large, elaborately decorated glowing tree surrounded by gifts in front of a fireplace. Then, a tree featuring white lights glows on a snowy city street. Next, an old-fashioned tree stands in a dining room, next to a roaring fireplace under a large wreath. Last, we see several stockings hanging from a fireplace mantel as a Christmas tree glows in the background.Christmas Tree GIF by Pizza HutChristmas Tree GIFMerry Christmas GIF by Brabant in Beelden
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