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Music video gif. Brown-haired man and woman from video for 3 Doors Down "Let Me Go" kiss passionately outside.Episode 17 Love GIF by One ChicagoBlack And White Love GIFTV gif. Adam Faison and Josh Thomas as Alex and Nicholas from Everything's Going to Be Okay lay in bed and kiss tenderly.Couple Love GIF by PeacockTVTV gif. Lying on a bed, Greyston Holt as Clay in Bitten holds the hand of Laura Vandervoort as Elena and kisses her on the mouth.Vampire Academy Love GIF by PeacockTVPink Love GIF by littlekingdomsLove Island Kiss GIF by PeacockTVKissing First Kiss GIF by Lovecraft CountryEpisode 14 Kiss GIF by One ChicagoMovie gif. Cartoon Lady and Tramp in the movie "Lady and the Tramp" chew and slurp both ends of the same spaghetti noodle until they lock lips and Lady pulls away with a shy or bashful expression. Kissing Top Gun GIFValentine Kiss GIF by Janelle MonáeGood Morning Love Kiss GIF by The Princess BrideMindy Kaling Kiss GIF by HULUCouple Kissing GIFDisney gif. Minnie Mouse plants a big smooch on a surprised Mickey Mouse with her arms wrapped tight around him.Cartoon gif. Brown squirrel holds a pink squirrel who pecks at him aggressively with her nose. The brown squirrel looks surprised or maybe a bit in pain as he reacts to the kiss. Movie gif. Ryan Gosling as Noah and Rachel McAdams as Allie in The Notebook making out, Allie’s hands holding the back of Noah's neck tightly.Love Rules Kiss GIF by euphoriaTV gif. Matilda Ziegler as Irma Gobb from Mr. Bean squints and makes a kissy face, while Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean approaches her with determined, open eyes and a similar kissy face. Audrey Hepburn Love GIFMovie gif. In a scene from Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix Jr. looks surprised as he kisses Sergeant Calhoun, looking at her and then closing his eyes to caress her cheek. Red hearts pop up all around them. emma roberts love GIF
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