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Police Fortify Barricades in Atlanta Ahead of Trump's Surrender
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Oh No GIFCartoon gif. Junior from Storks looks very chill and relaxed as he tells us: Text, "Cool, cool, cool."Talk Show The Game Show Cool Story Bro GIF by truTVKool GIFTV gif. Amy Poehler sits in a crowded auditorium wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. She chews gum with a chill, stoic expression while throwing double peace signs, as if telling us "peace, I'm out".Video gif. A golden retriever puppy wearing a onesie and blacked out sunglasses, sits in the driver's seat of a car with paws on the wheel as if he’s driving. The puppy leans back with a chill expression on its face like it knows it's the coolest pup on the road. kool aid 80s GIFVideo gif. Adorable dog wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt paws at the glasses and then gives us a charming look.smash kool aid GIFVideo gif. Three cats sit in a box together, all wearing cool sunglasses. One is sitting up, nodding its head to push the sunglasses up on its nose, the two others laying down with their heads against the side of the box. They turn their heads as well, and the middle cat's glasses fall off its nose and rest on its mouth.Friends gif. David Schwimmer as Ross opens the door to his apartment and turns around with a smug look on his face. He says, “cool,” quickly and then leaves his apartment with a smile on his face. TV gif. John Oliver on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He looks down at us while sarcastically saying, "Cool." Movie gif. Jeff Daniels as Harry on Dumb and Dumber blinks and smiles as if blown away. Text, "Cool."Ja Kool GIF by SiemensCelebrity gif. Ceelo Green is wearing sunglasses and chuckles and nods slowly as he says, "That's cool."Movie gif. Actor Chow Yun-fat leans out of a doorway casually chewing while giving a cool, confident thumbs-up of approval.Movie gif. Anthony Michael Hall as Brian Johnson from the Breakfast Club adjusts his ray-ban sunglasses and shimmies.Peace Out Wow GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudiosSports gif. A kid wearing Indiana Pacers gear takes off his sunglasses and points at us.Celebrity gif. An agreeable Dwayne The Rock Johnson nods his head and says, “Hey, cool.”Marc Maron Comedy GIF by IFCCelebrity gif. Idris Elba is sitting in the audience and he gives us a big thumbs up and a wink before turning to look back at the stage.Reaction GIF by BuzzFeed AnimationMeme gif. From the Dank Ass Sandboarding Son meme, a man in sunglasses and a red bandanna bodysurfs across a sand dune on a plank, and gives us a thumbs up as he passes us.Video gif. Woman looks at us with a smile grin and holds two big thumbs up towards us.
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