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Oh Yeah GIF by Jesse LingThe Emperors New Groove Disney GIFemperors new groove feel the power GIFKronk GIFgood GIFwalt disney animation studios lever GIF by Disneyno sense GIFupvote GIFDisney gif. Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove finally gets it. His eyes widen, then he slyly points left of frame with an oven mitt on his hand as he says: Text, a long, drawn-out "Oh, right."The Emperors New Groove Omg GIF by Disneyget to know me the emperors new groove GIFget to know me the emperors new groove GIFemperors new groove win GIFthe emperors new groove GIFwalt disney animation studios GIF by DisneyHigh Five Walt Disney Animation Studios GIF by DisneyMovie gif. Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove looks at us and says, "Mission accomplished," with a satisfied look on his face.french disney GIFdump GIFthe emperors new groove GIFemperors new groove film GIFPoison GIFwin high five GIFemperors new groove GIFthe emperors new groove disney family GIF
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