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Journal - Timothy Winchester
Penguins at London Zoo Send Off Letters to Santa
Funky birthday

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Text gif. The word, "good," is written in cursive in the middle of a black background filled with geometric shapes.lettering subir GIF by DenyseBig Sean Yes GIF by Denyse®Prepare Yourself Are You Ready GIF by Denyse®Text gif. Pink and blue neon cartoon-like text flashes on a yellow background. Text reads, "Work". The O is a clock with speeding hands. Text gif. Wiggly, gold text on a pink background with white hearts, says "Congrats! You made it to Thursday.Text gif. Gray script text that reads "Bye!" gets concealed and then uncovered by black.type lettering GIF by Andrei RobuLettering Humor GIF by Denyse®Text gif. In flashing and colorful handwritten capital letters is the message, “SORRY.”Text gif. Jittering blue cursive on lavender: "Do your thing."GIF by Denyse®Text gif. Written in pink calligraphy is the message, “The beauty of Mondays.”Pink Reaction GIF by Denyse®Calm Down Chill Out GIF by Kev LaveryHand Give GIF by Fantastic3dcreationText gif. Loopy orange script sparkles against a pink background. Text, "Grateful."Animation Hello GIF by Kate WiddowsExcited Fired Up GIF by Dylan Morangred type GIF by DenyseText gif. Plain letters wiggle on screen. Text, "Wacky Wednesday."feelings lettering GIF by Hannah NanceLoop Keep Calm GIF by zuttoanimation typography GIF by Chris PiascikText gif. Cursive, glowing neon text in alternating shades of purple, pink, and orange, reads "Party."
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