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Digital art gif. A man who looks like Jesus is edited to appear as if he's among the clouds. He presses his hands together in prayer and bows his head, closing his eyes solemnly. Text, "Godspeed."SpongeBob gif. Wearing a green baseball cap, Patrick smiles at us while waving a bright green pennant and a yellow foam finger.Illustrated gif. A frog holds a four-leaf clover up to its nose and a ladybug dances on it. Text, "Good luck"Schitt's Creek gif. Annie Murphy as Alexis crosses her index and middle fingers on both hands in a gesture of good luck.Season 4 Showtime GIF by BillionsSpin Spinning GIF by Sealed With A GIFYou Can Do It Good Luck GIF by Pudgy PenguinsTV gif. Lori Loughlin as Abigail Stanton on When Calls the Heart has a big confident smile on her face and holds two tightly crossed fingers for good luck. Bounty Hunter Good Luck GIF by DefyTVLuck Goodluck GIF by Vadoo TVRyan Reynolds Luck GIF by The Hitman's Wife's BodyguardSave Them All St Patricks Day GIF by Best Friends Animal SocietyIllustrated gif. Yellow horseshoe with white ribbon around it.Cartoon gif. Bingo Blitz a blue cat crosses its fingers and smiles wide. A speech bubble appears, "Good Luck."Good Luck With That Thumbs Up GIF by TinasheSchitt's Creek gif. Catherine O'Hara as Moira excitedly reads the card from a bouquet of flowers as she walks across a room. Text, "Break all your legs!"Lucky Day Luck GIF by Soul TrainGood Luck GIF by Felix BeilharzExcited Luck GIFRainbow Breakfast GIF by Lucky CharmsNew Year Good Luck GIF by Will KimSchitt's Creek gif. Catherine O'Hara as Moira in a medium length blonde wig, says, "I'm simply here to wish you the best of luck."Fun Love GIF by Lucky CharmsScared Heads Or Tails GIF by HollyoaksFun Love GIF by Lucky Charms
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