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Forgive Yourself Mental Health GIF by mtvFeeling Mental Health GIF by JellaCreativeMental Health Love GIF by Unpopular CartoonistMental Health Relax GIF by mtvStay Calm Mental Health GIF by BabybluecatCheck In Mental Health GIF by mtvBreak Up Love GIF by Unpopular CartoonistMental Health Reaction GIF by CBSStressed Mental Health GIF by mtvDigital art gif. Cartoon animation of a throbbing brain is plugged into two different outlets in the wall below yellow and white text that reads, "Recharging my battery," everything against a blue background.Digital art gif. Inside a white circle, smiling cartoon of balance scales tips its buckets back and forth, one of which is full of school supplies and the other holds sports balls and a diary. Outside the circle, rotating pink text reads, "Happiness is balance."Digital art gif. Animated round yellow happy face opens its mouth wide, breathing in, then breathes out again. Text, "Breathe in. Breath out.," all against an ombre purple background.Digital art gif. In white, all-caps text with rainbow shadows, bouncing letters spell out "You are not alone," against a yellow background.Stressed Mental Health GIF by mtvMental Health Friends GIF by mtvMental Health Friends GIF by mtvDigital art gif. Illustration of the silhouette of a woman of color with a large afro breathing in and out peacefully, set against a light purple background. Text, "Take time to breathe."Digital art gif. In groovy, rainbow-colored and pink letters, text reads, "You are not alone," against a black background.Mental Health Text GIF by Unpopular CartoonistDigital art gif. Man wearing a yellow t-shirt and jeans sits cross-legged with his eyes closed and takes a deep breath. Little cartoon whooshes of air move in and out of his nose as he breathes. White text above the man reads, "Breathe in, breathe out," all against a blue background.Peace Love GIF by LaMoraPaceMental Health Toast GIF by CBCMental Health Love GIFMental Health Wellness GIF by VGH & UBC Hospital FoundationDigital art gif. Illustration of a yellow alarm clock with arms, legs, and a face sits on a pink park bench amid grass and a blue sky with its eyes closed, snoozing peacefully. Text, "Take a moment."
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