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Confused Dog GIF by MOODMANVideo gif. Actor and comedian Kevin Hart looks at us and blinks his wide eyes slowly, his face an expression of confusion and concern at something he's just heard or witnessed.TV gif. Think about it guy, Kayode Ewumi points to his temple mischievously and looks into the camera. He's practically begging us to think about it.Confused Looking For GIF by Looney TunesLook GIF by The Maury ShowMeme gif. The "Pointing Rick Dalton" meme. In a scene from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton sits up from an armchair and points intently out of frame.Movie gif. Moto Moto the hippo from Madagascar, only his eyes visible from above the water, raises his eyebrows seductively as if to say, "hello gorgeous."Video gif. A man in an orange hoodie sits at a microphone and flips his glasses down to get a better look.Digital art gif. Multiple thinking emojis appear and fade, crossing over and behind one another for dramatic effect.Happy Dance GIF by DisneyJuniorCelebrity gif. Cardi B taking a video selfie in a car while making a duck face and stroking her hair with long pink nails.NFL gif. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, set against a purple background, points and looks to the sky. Text, "This right here."look at this season 5 GIF by PortlandiaSee Goodwood Festival Of Speed GIFVideo gif. A sassy goat turns its head with a blue sweatband around its ears. Text on the sweatband reads, "Goat."Leonardo Di Caprio Look GIF by Once Upon A Time In Hollywoodneedy cat GIFWatch This GIFSuspicious Korean Drama GIF by The SwoonNba Playoffs GIF by Milwaukee BucksVideo gif. A man looks around nervously, his eyes darting back and forth as he licks his lips.TV gif. A blonde woman from Manifest looks at us through binoculars.Looking France GIF by Paris Saint-GermainVideo gif. Close-up of a little girl in a car seat, looking quizzical and giving a side-eye as her eyes darting back and forth.looking rick grimes GIF
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