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Well, I miss you, too!
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Miss U Missing You GIFi miss you GIF by YoungerTVThe Simpsons gif. Lisa stands next to Bart. They both looks sadly at someone off screen, and Lisa says, "We miss you. (gasps)"TV gif. Lea Michele as Hester on Scream Queens looks emotional and desperate, saying, "I miss you."Video gif. Two dogs looking sweet and sad overlay a photo of a beach at sunset. Text, “I miss you.”Season 3 Love GIF by The SimpsonsText gif. Light purple handwritten script wiggles against a dark purple background. Text, "I wish you were here."Sad Season 7 GIF by The SimpsonsMovie gif. Will Ferrell as James in Get Hard sits in a vibrating chair and raises a glass of wine to his face, looking miserably sad, as he jiggles and wine jostles all over his mouth, neck, and white shirt. Text, "I miss you."Ill Miss You Episode 15 GIF by One ChicagoCartoon gif. A baby meerkat in pajamas has teary brown eyes as he reaches his paws out in front of him longingly. Text, "Come back."I Miss You GIFTV gif. Terrance Howard as Luscious Lyon in Empire. He looks at a woman with a small smile and a twinkle in his eye as he says slowly but with dead seriousness, "I really miss that booty of yours."Disney gif. Simba and Nala in The Lion King close their eyes as they nuzzle noses.TV gif. Zach Woods as Jared in Silicon Valley holds back window blinds and gazes out with a morose look. Text, "I miss you." miss GIFMusic video gif. Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 in the I Miss you Music Video closes his eyes as he sings and plays the upright Bass. There’s a faded version of him in the background that’s also singing and bopping his head to the beat. Text, “I miss you.”Celebrity gif. Terry Crews has a serious expression on his face. He lifts his eyebrows up as he says, “And I miss you. miss GIFVideo gif. Beagle puppy resting its head on its front paws, big brown eyes slowly blinking towards us. Text, "I miss you."Text gif. Rainbow colored hearts appear on screen and pop like fireworks. Text, “I miss you.”Anime gif. Sailor Moon is crying in front of a staircase, her eyes comically small and teary.Reality TV gif. Lauren Conrad from The Hills is crying. A mascara soaked tear slowly rolls down her face as she cries and the text below reads, "I miss you."Tiffany Pollard Reality Tv GIFVideo gif. A little boy pushes the button on a drinking fountain and closes his eyes as the water spurts out, spraying him in the face on and landing on his head.
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