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Pokémon gif. Pikachu hangs his head as we slowly zoom in towards him, then he looks up with a sad expression on his face. Celebrity gif. Reggie Sergile, also known as the rapper Conceited, holds a red cup and is listening to someone speak. He looks skeptical as he looks at us and puckers his lips exaggeratedly, looking down and swinging his body around to take a step away in doubt.Video gif. A chubby gray and white cat, dressed in circular glasses and a fun bow tie, sits at a table and looks at a laptop screen. He leans into the computer screen as he angrily hisses at it, not liking what he has just read. Topaz Wtf GIF by Big Brother CanadaStar Wars No GIFangry soap opera GIF by General HospitalAngry Season 3 GIF by The SimpsonsCartoon gif. Sylvester the cat from Looney Tunes stands at the edge of the road in the desert, arms wrapped around a telephone pole, and bangs his head against it, over and over in a perfect loop. Season 3 Ugh GIF by Parks and RecreationAngry GIF by VoidzRejected Kid GIFTV gif. Judge Judy has heard enough. She shakes her head and rolls her eyes.mad bambi GIFDr Seuss Cartoon GIFVideo gif. Baby's sad face gets sadder with a progressively deeper, more frowny pout.Finding Nemo Hello GIFSpongeBob gif. While it rains outside, SpongeBob sits alone at a booth in the Krusty Krab, staring blankly at a steaming mug.Video gif. Grumpy Cat, none too thrilled about being held.Homer Simpson GIFBruce Campbell Hello GIFTV gif. Matthew MacFadyen as Tom from Succession flips over a large desk, screaming, spilling its contents everywhere.Sad Movie Crying GIF by Pudgy PenguinsTV gif. Seo In Guk as Han-Joon in the Korean drama, Café Minamdang. He is sobbing openly on a train, his entire face warped with pain, and his mouth hangs open. He is clearly in agony as he puts a hand to the window, trying to stabilize himself.Frustrated Come On GIF by Saturday Night LiveAwkward Chris GIF by ABC Network
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