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Movie gif. Kevin Hart as Franklin Finbar in Jumanji, wearing a bandana around his neck and a tan safari hat, looks around with a shocked expression. Text, "What?! It's Monday already?!"Celebrity gif. The band Travis takes off in a roller coaster, mouths dropping open as the ride jolts to a start. Text, "Buckle Up! It's Monday!"Video gif. Illusion of a man tuck jumping across the room and landing with a splash in a mug of coffee. Text, "Monday."Cartoon gif. Garfield walks towards and drops face first into a box lined with a blanket. His black striped tail points to the sky. Text, "Happy Monday!"Cartoon gif. A happy mug of steaming coffee yawns and contentedly smiles. Text, "Monday"Cartoon gif. A grumpy cartoon cat peers over the edge of his bed in annoyance. The words "Dear Mondays, I see you," appear above his head. He sinks lower into the bed as he furrows his brow and the phrase "and I hate you" appears.Nikki Bella No GIF by E!Cartoon gif. Chippy the Dog walks into frame and looks up at multicolored Text, "Get out there and do Monday!!" Chippy gives us a thumbs up, then walks out of frame.Video gif. With its front paws on the floor and its hind paws still in bed, this sleepy dog looks more like a slug as it slowly crawls to the left. Text, "Mon Day."Video gif. Orange tabby cat lying on its back, propped up in a corner with its head resting against a wall. Text, "Monday mood."Digital illustration gif. Steamy red mug of coffee with a smiley face on it rocks side to side as coffee splashes out. Text reads, "Happy Monday!"Illustrated gif. Positively Ghostly character speaking into a microphone, eyes closed, saying, "Let's pretend Monday doesn't suck."Text gif. We zoom in on a toddler, contorted and stuck half-in-half-out of a toilet. Beneath bounce the words “Mondays. Am I right?”Cartoon gif. Blambi, the little yellow winged dinosaur from DinoSally, perches on top of a to go coffee cup, flapping its wings and flying across frame. Orange hearts emerge as it stops in the center below text that reads, "Happy Monday."TV gif. From Scrubs, Kevin Jenkins as Dr. Bob Kelso storms onto a hospital floor very upset and each person he passes by gets either decked in the face, elbowed, kicked, headbutted, or shoved. Nobody is left standing except the livid doctor and the entire floor is in disarray. Text, "Monday mood for work."Wildlife gif. Sleepy monkey rests on a tree branch and opens its mouth in a huge yawn, dark hand scratching its eyes and head. Good Morning Monday GIF by Chippy the DogCelebrity gif. Chelsea Handler looks disheveled and hungover with smeared makeup, holding an axe and sitting in a messy room with two dogs. Text, "Waking up on Monday like."Video gif. A gray, fluffy cat looks around with bulging eyes and ears turned back in anger.. Text says, “Pretty sure… I smell a Monday here!”Video gif. A mother with the text, "The Weekend," overlaid on her body pushes her son down a small zipline. He zips down happily before hitting a wall at the bottom that says, "Monday," and falls to the cushion below. Video gif. A baby with long, messy hair flops their large head in anguish onto a bed. The baby covers their face with their short arms in order to hide their tears of exhaustion. The text says, “Ugh, Mondays.”Cartoon gif. Standing on a board that straddles a canyon, Wile E. Coyote is labeled with the word, “Sunday.” He looks hopelessly up at the sky as a shadow forms over him, then he is hit by a giant rock labeled with the word, “Monday.”The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight walks toward us wearing an exaggerated yellow hazmat suit, carrying a duffle bag and a megaphone.Digital art gif. A serene scene of the ocean and the beach that’s a bit distorted with a 3d glasses filter. The water ripples in and the sun glistens off of it. The real sun is covered up by a cartoon sun which has a cute, happy face with rosy cheeks with rays that spin around and flash. There’s pink flashing text in between the sun and the ocean in a fun cursive font that says, “Happy Monday!”SpongeBob gif. Spongebob smiles and raises his hands pulling them down in an arch as a glittering rainbow appears with the word “Monday.”
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