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Good Morning Cat GIF by Franziska HöllbacherVideo gif. A man in a coffee shop drinks from an enormous cup of coffee (we're talking huge, here) as a girl looks on in amazement. He's seated next to several empty coffee cups. That much coffee just wasn't enough for him, it seems.Illustrated gif. A golden, smiley-faced sun peeks out from behind a green hill flecked with pink dots. Text, "Morning."Digital art gif. A yellow coffee cup grins widely as steam-like squiggles hang above its coffee brown interior. Text, "good morning!"Video gif. Closeup of a black and white cat laying on a couch with its eyes closed, lifting its head from its slumber to do a long exaggerated yawn. Text, "I'm awake."Cartoon gif. A smiley-faced moon transforms into a radiating sun in sunglasses. The sunglasses tip down as the sun winks at us from a cloudy sky. The Crest logo is in the corner. Text, "Good morning."Illustrated gif. A gray coffee cup with blinking eyes and a red bowtie dips its Z-shaped legs as it raises a brown hat, steam rising from the coffee brown contents. Text, "Good morning."Wildlife gif. A baby sloth lays on a table and reaches for the camera, trying to grab it with his long arms, but is just a little too far away. His round, black eyes are so cute and it almost looks like he’s smiling. Text, "good morning"Illustrated gif. A marshmallow blob jolts to life, transforming into The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, who then stretches and yawns, and waves, before the words “Good Morning” overtake the screen.Illustrated gif. A young girl smiles with her eyes closed and holds a steaming mug that says, "Coffee." A smiley-faced heart flutters above. Text, "Good morning."Cartoon gif. Garfield crawls across Jon as he sleeps, makes sure Jon is still sleeping, then dances on Jon's head. Video gif. A small white chihuahua perked up and looking out a car window as a brown chihuahua struggles to pull itself up and looks groggy. Text, "Morning people vs Me."Digital illustration gif. Three eggs with different colored shells in brown, white, and tan against a bright blue background. They're all doing a coordinated happy dance in place. Text, "Good morning!'Video gif. A man lying face down in bed barely raises an eyebrow as someone nudges him awake.Cartoon gif. Stop motion brown felt mouse wearing a chef's hat and an apron pulls a tray of muffins out of the wood stove, tilting is head back as it takes in the aroma of the freshly baked muffins. Text, "Good morning." Illustrated gif. A profile view of a dachshund stretching into a downward-dog pose and then stretching up. Text, "good morning."Cartoon gif. A black-and-white scene of a spotted dog, happily licking and patting the face of a woman who is lying in bed. The woman grimaces. Text, "Good morning."Cartoon gif, Bugs Bunny of Looney Tunes stands in a hole in the ground with a big loose shirt on. He scratches his stomach and has a groggy, tired expression on his face as he looks around. Next to him is a bottle of grade A carrot juice and a newspaper.Video gif. A seal is lying prone on a rock and someone yells out, "Wakey wakey!" Their head pops up and they stare at us, as we've disturbed their peace.Good Morning GIF by TELUSText gif. Black-outlined bubble letters shrinking and expanding, says "Good morning." The two O's in "good" are over-easy eggs.TV gif. A very sleepy Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes pours himself a cup of coffee at the breakfast table, barely able to keep his eyes open.TV gif. Brett Goldstein as Roy on Ted Lasso holds a coffee mug and nods as he says "mornin'," which appears as text.Video gif. Cat sits on a stool at a cafe counter near a window looking out at a busy city. The cat lounges on the stool, propping his arm on the counter very coolly, a cup of coffee and a glass of water in front of him.Cartoon gif. A cute little dog standing on her hind legs has a tiny potted plant on her head. She smiles up at the sun while little hearts and twinkles animate around her. Text, "Hello sunshine!"
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