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Kermit rolling down a hill
Oscar gongs
Yokels Rubes
Gonzo Art

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The Muppet Show Muppets GIFmuppets GIFSesame Street gif. Watching from the balcony at a theater, old men muppets Statler and Waldorf laugh wildly.Muppets gif. Beaker trembles with horror, eyes and mouth agape and hands up by his shoulders.We Did It Love GIF by ABC NetworkMuppets GIFthe muppet show cooking GIFMuppets gif. Fozzie Bear drops his head into his hand, covering his eyes and looking annoyed. Movie gif. Walter from The Muppets runs towards a shaky camera with his mouth wide open ready to scream, and his puppet arms flailing around. TV gif. A fire erupts out of a wire basket in a lab and Beaker from the Muppets pops up in panic. He looks around frantically, his mouth open agape, and his muppet arms flailing around.Cartoon gif. Kermit from The Muppet Christmas Carol. He sits at a desk in a suit and looks up while giving us a gentle smile and says, "Christmas is a loving, honest, and charitable time."The Muppets GIFfozzie bear muppets GIFMerry Christmas GIF by NBCKermit The Frog Film GIFSesame Street Yes GIF by Muppet WikiShocked Sesame Street GIF by Muppet WikiKermit The Frog Muppets GIFMuppets gif. Old men Statler and Waldorf give into the monitor of an old school computer.muppet babies muppets GIFStand-Up Lol GIF by Muppet Wikimuppets GIFOh Boy Eye Roll GIF by Muppet WikiSesame Street Bubbles GIF by Muppet WikiYoga Chicken GIF by Muppet Wiki
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