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8 Ball Says Nah

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Im Not Maya Rudolph GIF by Saturday Night LiveNo Way Kg GIF by SHOWTIME SportsTV gif. Danny Devito as Frank on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia shakes his head very quickly and stares through his glasses with fearful; eyes. He says, “nope…”TV gif. Rob McElhenney as Mac from It's Always Sunny continuously shakes his head no, blinking slowly.Celebrity gif. Jake Gyllenhaal listens to something and immediately shakes his head in disagreement. He continues to shake his head in disbelief and smirks, unrelenting in his rejection. Text, "Nah."Celebrity gif. Reggie Sergile, also known as the rapper Conceited, holds a red cup and is listening to someone speak. He looks skeptical as he looks at us and puckers his lips exaggeratedly, looking down and swinging his body around to take a step away in doubt.J Peterman No GIFVideo gif. A man sitting in a cockpit adjusts his headset and brings the microphone down, while shaking his head and saying "absolutely not."Celebrity gif. Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens in Source Code looks skeptical about something he's hearing and gently but firmly shakes his head no, closing one eye slightly as he does so.Jay Z No GIFMystery No GIF by Studios 2016I Dont Think So Sacha Baron Cohen GIF by Amazon Prime VideoI Dont Think So No Way GIFReality TV gif. Kevin Hart on Real Husbands of Hollywood shakes his head vigorously as he frowns. Shemar Moore GIFDonald Trump No GIFVideo gif. Cat gives us starry eyes and shakes its head back and forth. Text, "Nah."TV gif. Wood Harris as Avon in The Wire. He drives by in a huge SUV and stares us down as he wags a finger saying no and looks intimidating.Tired Chum Bucket GIFJake Gyllenhaal No GIFDesi Arnaz No GIFNo GIF by Becky GMasterchef No GIF by Star Channel TVPass No GIF by Nick CannonNo Way Pass GIF
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