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Snoozing Pup Acts As Rubber Ducky Display
Pug Nodding Off During Siesta Time

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TV gif. AFV video closeup of a sleeping dog's face as its tongue sticks out and wiggles.Seth Meyers Nap GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersMusic video gif. Paul McCartney in his music video for Pipes of Peace. He's wearing an old school military outfit and is snuggled up in a trench as he's about to fall asleep. Text, "Nap time."Wildlife gif. A person cradles a sleepy newborn panda in their palm as they caress it with their thumb. Tired Baby GIF by Noam SussmanSleep Duck GIF by VeeFriendsCartoon gif. A weary Garfield the cat falls flat on his face into his bed box.Tired Good Night GIF by Nebraska Humane SocietyTired Earth GIF by BBC AmericaDigital illustration gif. Pink teddy bear reclines on its belly on a pillow with its eyes closed and a peaceful smile on its face as a continuous string of Zs float above its head.Happy Sunday GIFTired Sleeping Dogs GIF by TikTokCartoon gif. A man curls up for a nap in a bowl of ramen using the noodles as blankets.Music Video Sleeping GIF by Angry BirdsVideo gif. A little girl in a swimsuit lies down on wet sand. Text, "I take a nap right here."Aubrey Graham Food GIF by SherchleHappy Sunday Sleeping GIF by SLOTHILDANap Naptime GIFDisney gif. Sleepy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs rests his face on his hand as he struggles to keep his eyes open, before falling asleep in his arms.Cat Kitty GIFWolf Nap GIFHungry Lets Eat GIF by Studios 2016Episode 4 Abc GIF by The BachelorAdventure Time Nap GIFTired Dog Days GIF
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