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Loop Space GIFHalloween Stars GIF by Ivo AdventuresFull Moon Love GIF by darrenjturnerTired Sweet Dreams GIF by PinkandvenNight Gif Artist GIF by Erica AndersonDespicable Me gif. A young Gru and two Minions lay asleep in bed. A cheery third Minion in a red bathrobe leaps into bed, waking them up as he makes himself comfortable. Gru is annoyed, but the Minion with the teddy bear doesn't seem bothered in the least.Cartoon gif. We look straight down at a goose as it sleeps with only it's head visible, sticking out from under the blanket. Text, "Good night."Cartoon gif. Jiminy Cricket in the original Disney Pinocchio movie kicks off his shoes and lays down in his matchbook bed. He yawns and pulls the matchbook cover like it’s a blanket.Sleepy Good Night GIF by HuffPostI Love You Sticker GIF by BrittDoesDesignVideo gif. Seated on a couch, a baby lazily falls forward onto the cushion, landing on their face. Text, "Good night! Zzz"Digital art gif. A little bear in pajamas clings to a crescent moon while it’s sound asleep. A little yellow bird sleeps on the curve of the moon as stars twirl in the night sky. Text., “Good night”Night Sleep GIF by good-nightCartoon gif. Jerry the mouse from Tom and Jerry lies sleepily on a hammock as he reaches up and happily pulls an enormous pillow under his head. Video gif. A gray cat lies under a light blue blanket with its forepaws around a teddy bear. As the cat looks at us, it hugs the bear tight.Disney gif. Stitch wears blue pajamas and a nightcap. He climbs onto his bed and pulls a turtle plushie from under his pillow. He plops down and lays on the bed, hugging the turtle tight as he tries to fall asleep.Sleepy Good Morning GIF by Loof and TimmyGood Night GIF by Ana Pérez LópezCartoon gif. Bedtime Bear from Care Bears jumps into bed with a nightcap on. He quickly blows out his candle on his nightstand and closes his eyes to fall asleep. The candle mysteriously lights back up and Bedtime Bear opens his eyes in shock. He blows it back out and falls back asleep with a smile on his face. Cartoon gif. Figaro the cat in Pinocchio wears a red sleeping cap and is tucked in bed. He smacks his lips and closes his eyes. He opens one eye and then turns over to his side to sleep.Mesmerizing Milky Way GIFGood Night GIFIllustrated gif.  A dinosaur is sleeping comfortably under a blanket and a little loaf of bread sits next to it. Both have smiles on their face and look cozy. Text, "Goodnight."TV gif. Wearing a gold ball gown at the Emmys, Tracee Ellis Ross opens her arms and says, “Have a good night.”Good Night GIF
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