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Michael Sprays Champagne
birthday party
Happy New Year from Nova Sound!

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Movie gif. Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay in the Great Gatsby dons a tux and slick hair. He smiles and tips his head forward as he lifts a glass of wine, fireworks erupting in the background.Cartoon gif. The classic ending to a Looney Tunes cartoon: a big red circle with the cursive text "That's all, folks!" slowly written out across it.Peanuts gif. Snoopy wears a striped party hat and puts his whole body into blowing on a party horn, levitating as the horn blows.TV gif. Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya in The White Lotus smiles and raises a glass of wine. Text, "wee-hee!"TV gif. Cobie Smulders as Robin and Neil Patrick Harris as Barney on How I Met Your Mother jump together, laughing and smiling in excitement. Barney holds a champagne bottle that is spraying a large stream of champagne everywhere.Digital art gif. Light brown dachshund in a black party dress struts as she balances a bottle of champagne on her head, which pours in a continuous arch into a champagne glass on her rear end.Happy New Year GIF by Sesame StreetMovie gif. Wearing a tuxedo, Leonardo DiCaprio toasts to us with a glass of white wine and a complicated smile. A large celebration with fireworks and a ferris wheel goes on behind him.Happy New Year Pop GIFDigital art gif. Dark starry sky explodes with a series of multicolored radial fireworks.Sad New Year GIFTV gif. Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy dressed in a fancy gown and flashy jewelry, excitedly and haphazardly pouring champagne over glasses and the table.TV gif. Comedian Rob Huebel of Children's Hospital throws a handful of metallic confetti into the air in a dramatic, fluttering cloud. Text gif. The words "Happy New Year," in blue, pink, and aqua, with illustrated fireworks on a black background, a goofy teenage girl dancing around with high knees on the dot of the exclamation point.New Year Drinking GIFPeanuts gif. Cast of characters shout for joy in a living room while colorful balloons fall down from the ceiling. Banner in the background reads, "Happy New Year!"Video gif. Three people's hands reach into the frame to clink their wine glasses together.Happy New Year Nye GIF by Studios 2016Celebrate New Years Eve GIF by Absolut VodkaAriana Grande Hug GIF by New Year's Rockin' EveNew Years Year GIF by Eternal FamilyHappy New Year GIF by Susanne LambAnimated graphic gif. Gold sparkling stream of light makes five revolutions around the year 2023 like a shooting star against a gold glittery black background.New Year Nye GIF by CorolleHappy New Year GIF by Matthew Butler
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