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No Way Oh Snap GIF by UninterruptedSNL gif. Kenan Thompson dressed in a fancy suit sits in a room with bat cut outs behind him. Something that he heard catches him off guard. He looks away awkwardly while gasping a little, and his eyes go wide with shock. He looks back with an amused look on his face. The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute sits in a chair in the office, moving his eyes uneasily from side to side, and says "Oh..."TV gif. Chi McBride as Lou in Hawaii Five O, raises his eyebrows in surprise and his mouth forms an o. Text, "Oh".Celebrity gif. Katy Perry looks at us with wide eyes and seems to be saying "ooo!" in response to some juicy info.Movie gif. Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura wears a delivery man uniform. He leans forward then settles back with an exaggerated eye roll like he recognizes he made a silly mistake. The Office gif. John Krasinski as Jim looks at us blankly. Text, "Oh."TV gif. Dustin Milligan as Ted in Schitts Creek stands in an office wearing a snug white T-shirt. He looks away and then back towards us like he's still lost on the conversation. Text, "Oh."TV gif. Wearing a beret and turtleneck, Nathan Janak playing Oliver on Drama Club holds his head back in disbelief as if to say, “excuse me?”TV gif. Actor Andy Samberg on Brooklyn Nine-Nine excitedly says "Oh!" before breaking into a wide-mouth smile.Dont You Say Season 8 GIF by One ChicagoTV gif. Quinta Brunson as Janine in Abbot Elementary drives a car in the rain, both hands on the steering wheel and looking straight ahead at the road. She says, "Oh."TV gif. Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe on The Blacklist has a serious, angry expression his face that changes to sudden shock SNL gif. Aidy Bryant stares off, thinking with a shocked expression on her face. She blinks and then says, Oh,” and frowns as if impressed.Celebrity gif. Zoom in on Aaron Chewning in a denim jacket, blinking and tilting his head as if trying to make sense of surprising news.TV gif. Dog the Bounty Hunter as a passenger in an SUV staring out as the car window rolls up. Celebrity gif. Rapper Two Chains raises his head and forms an O with his mouth as if in realization. The Simpsons gif. Barts hopeful stare drops into one of disappointment. Text, "Oh."Politics gif. Joe Biden at a rally, with a crowd of people cheering behind him, smiling while speaking into a podium mic saying, "Oh yeah. Oh yeah," which appears as text.Tim Curry Horror GIFMovie gif. Mike Myers as Wayne in Wayne's World, recovers energetically remarking "I was not aware of that."Reality TV gif. A mother of a contestant from The Bachelor looks disappointed as she says, "Oh."Korean Drama What GIF by iQiyiConfused Season 2 GIF by The Roku Channelciara GIF
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