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Video gif. An old woman goes to blow out the candles on her 102nd birthday cake. As she purses her lips to blow, her dentures fall out and onto the table. She scrambles to catch them and then she laughs out loud.Friends gif. Matthew Perry as Chandler whips open the door to the apartment and says sarcastically, “Honey, I'm old.” He carries a large box in his hand. The Simpsons gif. Hans Moleman, looking frail, holds a skateboard and raises his arm to say hello. Text: "cowabunga, dudes."Video gig. An old man sits in a stair lift that goes down his stairs. At the end of the steps is a pool of lava. The man looks down in fear as he reaches closer and closer to the hot flames.TV gif. Closeup of Butt-head from the animated TV series "Beavis and Butt-head" stands in front of trees, looking off screen and saying, "You're old."Movie gif. Jamie Lee Curtis as Tess in Freaky Friday looks into a mirror, grabbing her face, and screams, "I'm old!"Disney gif. Grumbling on all fours in ragged clothes, a tired Cricket Green from Big City Greens drops to the floor and onto his face. Text, "I can feel my youth draining away."SNL gif. Dana Carvey dressed as Grumpy Old Man sits up in his seat with a droopy frown and tightly knotted eyebrows on his face. He shouts, “I'm a grumpy old man!”TV gif. Tracee Ellis Ross as Rainbow Johnson from Blackish speaks casually to a woman in the foreground while motioning with her head to someone offscreen. Text, "Don't mind her. She's old."TV gif. Steve Buscemi as Lenny in 30 Rock walks down a school hallway wearing a backwards cap and skateboard over his shoulder. He smiles as he approaches someone in the hall. Text, "How do you do, fellow kids?"Movie gif. Matt Damon as Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan dressed in military uniform with eyes holding back tears. His face slowly changes to an old man with white gray hair and teary eyes. Movie gif. Danny Glover as Roger in Lethal Weapon shakes his head in frustration and says, “I'm too old for this shit.”Movie gif. Actor Sergio Chamy as himself in The Mole Agent wipes his eyes with a tissue before replacing his glasses. Muppets gif. Old men Statler and Waldorf give into the monitor of an old school computer.The Simpsons gif. Mr Burns sits in a doctors office as a Doctor pushes a syringe all the way through his forearm. Text, "Well, isn't that odd? It's like poking through meringue."Season 1 GIF by SHOWTIMEVideo gif. An older woman in a shiny jacket looks at something right of frame, and cheerfully holds up a small digital camera to take a picture, but the camera's view screen is facing away from her. The flash lights up as she takes a picture of herself.The Simpsons gif. Grandpa sits on a couch with a birthday hat on his head. He angrily says, “Man alive! What a stinko thousand years.” Disney gif. Close-up on face of Sultan from Aladdin exclaiming, "but you're so old."Celebrity gif. Looking annoyed, Rapper Jermaine Cole says, “That’s old. That’s old bro.”Movie gif. Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire takes a sip of her drink, losing her veneers, and they plop into the glass.Video gif. Archival video of a woman with her eyes closed passionately gestures with a hand as if she were praying. Text, "He want to do things new. He wants to go a new way. He wants to start up new things. He doesn't always like the old ways."Cartoon gif. An old man with a pot belly and barely any clothes on, sits on a cloud. He tosses a way a remote with wings on it lands in his hand that’s behind his back. He whips it out in front of him and points it, studying his hand like he’s holding a gun. He has a smug expression on his face. Celebrity gif. Standup comic Jackie Fabulous performs on stage advising "You tell him you have arthritis, you have bad knees and a bad back. Don't nobody want no old-ass sex slave." The Tonight show gif. Elton John has a serious, almost unamazed expression on his face as he says, “I'm not interested in my birthday.”
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