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shower shaving GIFText gif. We see a vista of a lake shining in the sun surrounded by a coast of pine trees. Text, "Have a cool Wednesday."Good Morning GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudiosDigital illustration gif. Steamy red mug of coffee with a smiley face on it rocks side to side as coffee splashes out. Text reads, "Happy Monday!"Happy Thursday GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudiosGood Morning GIFCartoon gif. A mug with a cute smiley face and a tea bag string with a heart at the end dangles out of its head. The mug jumps up in excitement, spilling a bit of its tea, and waves. Text, “Good Morning.”Monday Morning Coffee GIF by Sesame StreetCats Love GIF by Diamond Pet FoodsHang Over Wake Up GIF by Arrow VideoGood Morning Sun GIF by Devon Blowcoffee sugar GIFDigital illustration gif. Smiling coffee cup filled to the brim with warm coffee sends brown hearts up and away against a black background. Good Morning GIF by MOODMANGood Morning Wow GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonIllustrated gif. A young girl smiles with her eyes closed and holds a steaming mug that says, "Coffee." A smiley-faced heart flutters above. Text, "Good morning."Good Morning Coffee GIF by Power of PositivitySleeping Beauty Disney GIFDigital illustration gif. Two red cups of steaming coffee each have half a heart on their mug. They clink together forming a whole heart. Text "Good morning love" pulses below the mugs over a background of blue stripes.Digital illustration gif. Black and white cat sits and looks at us, holding a mug that has a smiley face on it. The cat's head slowly bobs forward like it's nodding off to sleep. All of a sudden, it abruptly pulls back up, eyes wide like it wants to show that it's definitely awake and not tired at all. Text, "Good morning."Digital illustration gif. Bouquet of pink roses behind two mugs of hot coffee or chocolate. One mug reads, "Good" and the other mug reads "Morning." Pink hearts float around with text that reads, "Happy Sunday!'happy i love you GIF by Lifetimerise and shine morning GIFCat Morning GIFVideo gif. Blue cat with big blue eyes raises its hands like it's yawning at us and saying, "Good morning!" Lucas & Friends logo at the bottom corner.
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