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Reality TV gif. Michelle Visage on Queen of the Universe holds her hands up in the okay sign, and says, “*muah* Fantastic” and smiles proudly.TV gif. Laci Mosley as Harper on iCarly has her hand on her chest and looks at us in shock.Kenan Thompson Yes GIF by Paramount+Kelsey Grammer No GIF by Paramount+Season 1 Wow GIF by Paramount+You Go Girl GIF by Paramount+Celebrity gif. Leona Lewis smiling and clapping, raises her hands up in tempo with a groovy rhythm, dancing along.TV gif. Jerry Trainor as Spencer puts his drink down, crosses his legs and leans forward to look at someone off screen, saying emphatically, "Amazing."Season 1 Thank You GIF by Paramount+TV gif. David Boreanaz as Jason on SEAL Team nods slowly and his eyes move from left to right subtly. Text, "Hmm."Reality TV gif. Trixie Mattel on Queen of the Universe, applauds as he nods to someone off screen. He wears full makeup, enormous eyelashes, blonde hair done up, and purple dress. Happy Season 1 GIF by Paramount+Saluting Kelsey Grammer GIF by Paramount+Reality TV gif. Vanessa Williams on Queen of the Universe. She folds her hands and shakes her head slowly while saying, "Really impressed."TV gif. Miranda Cosgrove as Carly in iCarly. She looks shocked and sighs as she turns and says, "Wow."Season 3 Nickelodeon GIF by Paramount+TV gif. Miranda Cosgrove as Carly on the iCarly Reboot leans forward and gestures with her hand, saying, "I'm really sorry," which appears as text.Reality TV gif. Leona Lewis on Queen of the Universe puts her hands together and looks sincere as she says, "I think you should be really proud of yourself."Reality TV gif. Trixie Mattel as a judge on Queen of the Universe gushes with praise as she shakes her head and spreads her hands in front of her. Text, "It's just so great!"Drag Queen What GIF by Paramount+Drag Queen Thank You GIF by Paramount+Reading Focus GIF by Paramount+Reality TV gif. Drag Queen Gingzilla on the show Queen of the Universe with long lashes and a long beard wears a crown made up of blue butterflies, a blue cape, and a sparkly dress. They place their well manicured hand over their chest in appreciation and smile, nodding and batting away tears from their eyes.Of Course Yes GIF by Paramount+Drag Queen Singing GIF by Paramount+
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