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Recycling Bottles GIF by 60 Second DocsDigital art gif. Pink and green oval shape, inside of which are bubble letters that read "Say no to plastic" above an illustration of a circle with a slash through it over rotating cartoons of plastic silverware, a plastic water bottle, and a plastic bag, everything against a light blue background.Digital art gif. In all caps, the word "No" appears multiple times around an illustration of a plastic water bottle, whose label reads, "Say no to single-use plastic," all against a dark blue background.Digital art gif. Cartoon of a green "recycle" sign rotates its arrows around and around. Each time the arrows move, a new work appears in green font: "Reduce, reuse, recycle," all against a cream background.Digital art gif. Amid illustrations of plastic bags, plastic silverware and other single-use plastic items, text reads, "Say no to single-use plastic," all against a dark blue background.plastic lizzy caplan GIFDigital art gif. Cartoon illustration of a soda can, a plastic water bottle, and an egg cartoon, all with arms, legs, and smiling faces. The soda can holds aloft a waving sign that reads, "Recycle us!" all against a bright green background.Cut It Out No GIF by REIDigital art gif. Cartoon illustrations of a jam jar, a reusable bag, metal straws, a wooden toothbrush, a mason jar, a reusable sandwich bag, another reusable bag, and a spray bottle are gathered in a circle around text that reads, "zero waste," against a green background.Digital art gif. Cartoon of a single-use plastic bag, text inside of which reads "Say no to plastic bags," everything against a light green background.Digital art gif. Cartoon of a green single-use plastic bag rocking back and forth. On the bag is a green recycling symbol, along with the words, "Just f'in recycle," everything against a bright yellow background.Meowwolf Plastics GIF by PIZZA PALS PLAYZONEAyana Elizabeth Johnson Environment GIF by Strong Opinions Loosely HeldDancing Excited GIF by Jaden SmithBig Eyes Whatever GIF by BrownSugarAppfloating american beauty GIF by Anthony SPlanet Earth Trash GIF by Great Big StoryMorning Worm GIF by Joseph Melhuishpollution plastic waves GIF by euronewssword GIF by Alexandre louvenazClean Up Ocean GIF by Project AWAREwill ferrell snl GIF by Saturday Night LiveOcean Pollution GIF by VEOCEL by Lenzingtrash fail GIFOscar The Grouch Earth GIF by Sesame Street
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