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walt disney animation studios GIF by DisneyGIF by DisneyDisney Reaction GIFpocahontas GIFwalt disney animation studios hair flip GIF by Disneypocahontas GIFanimation GIF by Disneyhair braid GIFdisney love GIFanimation disney quotes GIF by Disneydisney princess colors of the wind GIF by Disneydisney princess love GIF by DisneyShocked GIFdisney GIFdog GIFMovie gif. Pocahontas is standing and raises one hand, giving a slow, heartfelt wave goodbye. Leaves flutter by and the sunset in the background has hues of pink and yellow, giving the scene a soft glow of warmth. The text on the bottom reads, "Bye Bitch."disney GIFpocahontas GIFDisney Waving GIFpocahontas GIFdisney wtf GIF by O&O, Incdisney wtf GIF by O&O, Incpocahontas GIFdisney GIF by O&O, Inccolors wind GIF
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