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Auckland Woman Eats a Dozen Pokémon Donuts
Pokemon Was Based On Slavery
Auckland Woman Eats a Dozen Pokémon Donuts
Zorua and Zoruark Hisui

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Pokemon Coachella GIFPokémon gif. Pikachu hangs his head as we slowly zoom in towards him, then he looks up with a sad expression on his face. 90s team rocket GIF3d pokemon GIFPokémon gif. Pikachu frowns angrily and furrows his brow with increasing intensity until electric currents spark from his cheeks.Pokemon Slowpoke GIFDetective Pikachu Reaction GIFPokémon gif. Lucario stares intensely and turns towards us, then everything goes white.pokemon nintendo GIFPokémon gif. A mega lucario with glowing eyes gives us a menacing stare against a dark background. detective pikachu pokemon GIFpokemon GIFPokémon gif. From Pokken Tournament: A Gengar gathers glowing purple energy into a sphere above it.detective pikachu pokemon GIFrock throw GIFdetective pikachu pokemon GIFpokken tournament pokemon GIFPokemon GIFpokemon water type GIFVideo game gif. From Pokken Tournament, Blaziken makes a spinning leap into the air, appearing to kick fire out from his legs in the air, then landing back on the street.Peace Victory GIF by PokémonAnimation gif. Pikachu and Oshawott from Pokémon are holding hands and spinning together, playing on a dry, cracked desert floor. They're best buds!pokemon hgss GIFAnime gif. Two characters are chatting in the Pokémon game while a Pokémon jumps up and down next to them in a corner. Text, "Whitney: Waaah! Waaaaah! Snivel, hic. You meanie."pun GIF by hoppip
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