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Sometimes Love Hurts
Grumpy Pug Wakes from Car Nap
Pug Nodding Off During Siesta Time

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Pool Party Swimming GIF by The DodoPug GIFhappy pug GIF by Boomerang OfficialDog Face GIFDog Tongue GIFVideo gif. Held in someone's arms, a tan and black pug sits sleepily. The person uses their hand to wave the pug's paw in a "Hello" motion. The pug is unbothered.happy pug GIF by Boomerang OfficialKawaii gif. Puglie the pug leans in from the right, staring wide and blankly, and waves. Video gif. A pug sits on the sofa like a human. It wears a striped shirt and a big pair of headphones on its head. The dog shakes around slightly as if moving to the beat of the music playing through his headphones.Confused Dog GIFDog Easter GIFscreen media films pug GIFGIF by MashableGangster Squad Pug GIFpug GIFDog Baby GIFAww Pug GIFPug GIFVideo gif. A pug lays on his back with his belly up in the air. He wears a striped bow tie around his neck and his tongue is flopped out of his smiling mouth. He is totally relaxed as three back scratching tools itch his belly. Animation Rainbow GIF by Cosimo NescaPug Ive Been Expecting You GIF by MOODMANSassy The Look GIFDog Pug GIFDog Pug GIF by JessVideo gif. Pug sits on a cushion, turning slowly and leaning back to look down its nose at us with wide eyes, neck folds becoming more exaggerated as it turns.
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