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Corgi Discovers New Way of Swimming
High Flying Pup Hurdles Gate
Bubble Butt

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Video gif. Bulldog sunbathes on a beach towel, lying on its back with its paws hovering serenely over its body.Video gif. A fluffy white blanket rests near cozy pillows. Out from under the blanket, a downy white dog pops his head up and looks straight ahead. Black text reads, "Hi".Video gif. Dachshund wearing sunglasses and a red t-shirt lounges on a sandy beach under a blue beach umbrella. The dachshund turns to look at us and the glasses fall off its head. Text, "Saturday."The Dream Is Over Fire GIF by ChrisVideo gif. A friendly dog wearing a Chucky costume runs to us, the flailing knife pointing directly at us.Video gif. Chubby pug wearing a black gangster's hat licks his nose in slow motion, looking back and forth with a side-eyed expression that's worried or concerned. Text, "Happy Saturday!'Video gif. A dog looking out of a window with its tongue hanging out, trying to lap the water that someone is spraying at the window.Video gif. A fluffy husky puppy cocks his head to the side in an expression of playful confusion while blue question marks emanate from his head. Video gif. A pug with a big heart hung around its neck sits with its back paw splayed out. The dog licks its lips nonchalantly. Text, “I love you more.” Close up of the dog's face as it blankly stares at us. Two drawings of air puffs shoot up behind it that are shaped like hearts. Video gif. A serene dachshund dressed up as a cowboy sits on a rock. Text, “Friday.”Video gif. Black dachshund wearing a pink t-shirt stuffed full of padding lays on its back on a couch with a remote control on its stomach and food all over its face, looking relaxed. Text, "Sunday."Dog Puppy GIFVideo gif. A golden retriever puppy wearing a onesie and blacked out sunglasses, sits in the driver's seat of a car with paws on the wheel as if he’s driving. The puppy leans back with a chill expression on its face like it knows it's the coolest pup on the road. Video gif. A dachshund dog lies on a large couch adjusting slightly with its eyes half open. Text, "monday."Video gif. Cute little puppy runs onto its blanket and grabs it by its mouth before rolling over and burrito-ing itself.Video gif. A dog with a strangely human smile stares at us and wags its tail.Dog Pup GIF by VidConVideo gif. An adorable white fluffy dog pops up quickly from a white fluffy blanket that it blended into.Food Eating GIFPup GIF by ViralHogSea Otter Pup GIF by Monterey Bay Aquariumdog aww GIFRelaxed Puppy GIFExcited Pup GIF by AT&TDog Oops GIF by MOODMAN
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