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anthony hopkins puppet GIF by ShudderSeason 1 Puppet GIF by Nanalan'Season 1 Dog GIF by Nanalan'puppet eating GIFSee Ya Goodbye GIF by Gerbert!Video gif. Eyes wide in disbelief, a shocked monkey puppet turns towards us with his mouth open.Video gif. A frog puppet holds the receiver of a phone and says, “Help…” Then, he slumps to the floor.Screen Media Films Puppet GIFAngry Harry Potter GIFMeme Monkey GIF by MOODMANVideo gif. Annoyed green puppet slowly lowers his face into his palm in frustration.Dj Let GIFThe Simpsons Puppet GIFPuppet GIFTV gif. Scruffy, a fluffy puppet dog, in "Happy Place" in a bright cartoon-style room wearing a birthday party hat and nodding its head, saying, "Happy birthday!'Video gif. White sock puppet with periwinkle hair tilts its head back and opens its mouth wide as a bottle of beer is poured in and splashes out.Video gif. A fuzzy puppet with different shades of brown hair, has large bobble eyes. One pointed tooth sticks out from under its tan snout. A stick holds up one of the puppets hands. It's long arm waves quickly. Video gif. A ventriloquist puppet opens its mouth and eyebrows at the same time, making a shocked and silly expression.ball puppet GIFZach Braff Scrubs GIFPuppet Scrubs GIFShocked GIFWaving Good Morning GIF by Jessstop motion puppet GIFKermit The Frog Puppet GIF
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