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What are Republicans for?
There's Nothing Up Here
The Republicans don't play it square.
Pizza Party

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Donald Trump Shrug GIF by Election 2016Donald Trump Republicans GIF by Election 2016Political gif. Donald Trump nods his head. He smiles smugly as he glances to the side.Donald Trump Rnc GIF by Election 2016Donald Trump Rnc GIF by Election 2016George W Bush Republicans GIF by GIPHY NewsVote Them Out Election 2020 GIF by Creative CourageMike Johnson Gop GIF by GIPHY NewsVideo gif. Donald Trump stands at a microphone and smirks. A smile on his face gradually spreads into a toothy grin with the tip of his tongue poking out. Donald Trump Republicans GIF by GIPHY NewsTV gif. At the top reads the text, “Congress to like 30 Republicans implicated in the Jan 6 hearings.” Oprah Winfrey stands on stage, pointing at the audience and saying enthusiastically, “You goin’ to jail, you goin’ to jail, everybody goin’ to jail.”Voting Donald Trump GIF by Studios 2016sad republicans GIF by South Park Political gif. Donald Trump sighing and shaking his head in disgust at a podium. Donald Trump Rnc GIF by GOPI Want To Win Donald Trump GIFRepublican National Convention Hair GIF by Election 2016supreme court republicans GIF by bjornDemocratic National Convention Dnc GIF by Election 2016Donald Trump Rnc GIF by Election 2016Now This News GIF by NowThisDonald Trump Rnc GIF by Election 2016Trump Saturday GIFDont Be Rude Donald Trump GIFDonald Trump Rnc GIF by Election 2016
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