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I'm out
crossing finish line
It's already here - Twister
I'll Go For A Run

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Video gif. A man runs at top speed through a parking garage and out into the daylight.Movie gif. A determined Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump runs out of his family’s property, onto the road.Movie gif. Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump runs across a football field in his normal clothes while staring straight ahead.Movie gif. Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa in Rocky runs down the middle of the road in a full sprint. A crowd of hundreds of people run behind him.TV gif. The camera zooms in on Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air as his eyes well up and he shouts, "Run!"Celebrity gif. Joanne the Scammer runs out of a rusty building in the middle of the desert and hops over the car door into a convertible car. Movie gif. Walter from The Muppets runs towards a shaky camera with his mouth wide open ready to scream, and his puppet arms flailing around. Video gif. In shallow water, a weird looking lizard flops around on two legs like he’s clumsily running. His big flipper feet splash with heavy steps and his arms fling around haphazardly. Water flings all around him. Reality TV gif. Contestants on Drag Race UK run in a panic in different directions.The Simpsons gif. Homer gleefully leaps and bounds over green hills. Run Omg GIF by Kick GameNbc Running GIF by Law & OrderMovie gif. Emily Blunt as Evelyn in A Quiet Place slowly turns to look at something like she's in the beginning of a panic. Text, "Run."TV gif. Callum Woodhouse as Tristan on All Creatures Great and Small running around the corner of a stone building with a friend.TV gif. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman runs toward us in slow motion.Anime gif. Naruto runs fast, maybe at the speed of light, through a field, his arms outstretched behind him.Movie gif. Monty Python and The Holy Grail, King Arthur in a closeup says, "Run away! Run Away!" And then we see him and his knights run away from the mouth of a cave, one of them dropping his shield in his haste.Run Running GIF by A Quiet Place: Day OneCartoon gif. A white duck hops merrily along on a yellow background. Go Season 3 GIF by Nanalan'TV gif. Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist asks  John Clarence Stewart as Simon "You want us to run? Like with our feet?"TV gif. Dave Chappelle as Black Bush at a conference desk shakes his head, then knocks over a pitcher of water and jumps up, causing chaos.Music video gif. From The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights," Abel Tesfaye running fast in a red suit, looking behind him.Pokemon gif. A closeup of Ash Ketchum frantically running toward us.Video gif. A woman runs on the beach as seagulls fly away.
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