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Friends gif. Matthew Perry as Chandler staring pensively out the window at the rain.Disney gif. Sadness from Inside Out wails with her head back while tears spew from her eyes like a fountain.inside out disney GIFTV gif. Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott in Doctor Who. He looks immensely distraught and is at the brink of sobbing, as he struggles to wave goodbye and clutches his mouth in sadness. Sad Bounty Hunter GIF by DefyTVInside Out Joy GIF by Disney PixarThe Office gif. Jenna Fischer as Pam speaks to us with a calm front, then looks down and begins to cry, covering her eyes with her hand.TV gif. David Tennant as The Doctor on Doctor Who stands in the pouring rain with a sad gaze. His hair and suit are soaked.The Office gif. Ellie Kemper as Erin looks solemn and says, "sometimes I find out things that are really sad."Sad Fox Tv GIF by Bob's BurgersSad Cartoon GIF by GGKTIllustrated gif. Tears stream down the face of a seal as it holds it head above the rippling water surrounding it.Sad Season 1 GIF by Rick and MortySad Mtv GIF by The HillsSad Season 7 GIF by One ChicagoSad Dog GIF by YEETZ!Sad Fran Healy GIF by TravisGlitch GIF by /////MONOARTCHIVES//////sad bart simpson GIFCat Crying GIFSad Adventure Time GIFAd gif. CGI Baby Oleg the Meerkat in pajamas draws his mouth into a pout as his big, brown eyes look up from his bed. TV gif. Actor James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery on Dawson's Creek weeps with an exaggerated grimace on his face.Meme gif. A man pouts as enormous streams of water gush from his eyes.Sad Monsters Inc GIF
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