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SNL gif. We see a close-up of Maya Rudolph's face. She's wearing a blonde wig and has an expression of extreme horror and fear, her mouth slightly ajar.Season 3 Horror GIF by Ash vs Evil DeadTV gif. Kermit the Frog from The Muppets chews on his frog fingers as if he has fingernails and trembles in fear. Video gif. Black and white footage of a scary clown with a toothy grin as he reaches his hands out and beckons for us to come closer.TV gif. Ben Savage as Cory in Boy Meets World screams in terror holding his hands up and shaking then running away.Horror Disturbing GIFVideo gif. A baby in a play seat goes from happy and smiling to suddenly startled in a wide-eyed expression. scared is it scary GIF by A24Disturbing The Ring GIFCelebrity gif. Bruce Lee trembling with fear and beginning to screamDark GIF by HalloweenMickey Mouse Mask GIF by TRASH GANGScared Halloween GIFVideo gif. A child sits on the floor staring at us, then jumps backwards in shock and clutches his heart. After a second, he starts crying.Scared Beavis And Butthead GIF by Paramount+Disturbing Stephen King GIFscary the legend of sleepy hollow GIFscary are you afraid of the dark GIFMichael Myers Horror GIF by Halloweenamerican horror story freak show GIFscary shutter island GIFScare What Is Happening GIFDisturbing The Grudge GIFcreepy are you afraid of the dark GIFscary zombie GIF
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