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Adorable Capybara Enjoys a Good Old Scratch at Wildlife Sanctuary
Adorable Koala Scratches an Itch
Head Scratch

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scratch GIF by figgtseichThinking Think GIF by TLC EuropeVideo gif. From above, we see a woman is spinning on an office chair as she looks up with a smile and multiple dollar bills fall from the sky onto her face.Scratch Itch GIF by Vulture.comConfused Thinking GIFTV gif. A worried Dave Chappelle, wearing sunglasses and a crown, clutches stacks of money to his chest.Cartoon gif. A man in a business suit lies on a floor covered in money. He waves his arms and legs away from his body making snow angels in the cash money.Movie gif. Cat leaps impossibly vertically off a carpet and out of frame, before landing on and scratching at a woman’s face who tries to get it off, panicking.Sorry Werkself GIF by Bayer 04 LeverkusenAngry Legend Of Korra GIF by NickelodeonHappy Loop GIF by XboxMake It Rain Money GIF by YandelSNL gif. Mikey Day sits at a conference sized table next to a pile of smashed energy drinks and a massive stack of money. He grabs the money and tosses it to others at the table. Text, "Here's money! Go!"Video gif. A baboon sitting at a desk with a pile of money in front of it begins to throw dollar bills in the air.Happy Loop GIF by XboxReach Higher Make It Rain GIF by ObamaGIF by Anderson .PaakMake It Rain Money GIFpaid make it rain GIF by State ChampsCartoon gif. An exasperated white cat from the TV series, Animals, facepalms.Dog Pet GIFJackson Galaxy Cat GIF by Animal Planetitchy bear GIFAnimation Scratching GIF by jecamartinezHip Hop Dancing GIF
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