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Smoke Rises Over Rafah as Israeli Operation Continues

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Text gif. Big golden letters stretch and gleam on a bright cerulean blue background, a teenage girl tipping out of the O and waving. Text, "Shalom."shabbat shalom jewish GIFpicture love GIFText gif. "Shalom," in colorful letters, a waving hand in place of the O, on a pale yellow background.shabbat shalom jewish GIFWeekend Saturday GIF by Kannerfotografa GIFshabbat shalom hello GIFShabbat Shalom Houston GIF by Averyhappy season 15 GIFDigital art gif. Two smiling wine glasses full of red wine, clink together, bold white bubble letters zooming in shadowed by a trail of pink, reading, "L'chaim."Video gif. Lizzo snaps her fingers dramatically as she says "bitch," text, "Shabbat shalom, bitch!"Shabbat Shalom Smiling GIFIllustrated gif. Smiling sheet of matzah sways with its arms held up on a blue background. Hearts and Stars of David float around bouncy text that reads, "Happy Passover."Yom Kippur Penguin GIF by Pudgy PenguinsText gif. Smiling matzoh cracker dances up and down beneath the text "Happy Passover!"Shabbat Shalom Houston GIF by AveryIllustrated gif. Fruit, wine, boiled eggs, sprouting flora, and a leg of lamb intertwine with text against a sky blue background. Text, "Happy Pesach."Happy New Year Love GIF by Hallmark Gold CrownHappy Parks And Recreation GIFAddress To Congress Israel GIF by GIPHY NewsFriday Night Dinner Emoji GIF by STARCUTOUTSUKOld Man Dancing GIF by Shisha NovaDigital art gif. Loaf of challah and candlesticks on a purple background, steep letters read, "Get lit."World Peace GIF by LA vs. Hate
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