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Video gif. A bearded young man tilts his head back in a sappy, over-the-top reaction to something sweet. Text: A drawn-out "Aww!"dog puppy GIFbest day ever celebration GIFcredit card GIFhur hur hur GIFcredit card GIFfood gif GIFtickling little girl GIFhang over what happened GIFVideo gif. Daughter of YouTube star Shay Carl, PrincessTard, AKA Avia Colette Butler, a little girl, looks pitiful and sadly looks up at us, sticks out her bottom lip and bats her eyes, saying, "Please."Video gif. In a parking lot, we zoom in on a little girl with her arms folded, who smirks and bobs her head a bit as she skeptically asks us: Text, "Really?"Gymnastics GIFthumbs up GIFmirror GIFnoodles spaghetti GIFyas praise GIFbirthday GIFangry cross GIFmaker studios GIF by The Platformi cant even home video GIFcute baby GIFunimpressed GIFsmart kid i dont want to go back to school GIFBrother Sister GIFmaker GIF by The Platform
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